Cinemax’s Banshee to leave North Carolina.

bansheeMy sources are telling me that crew members were already told that Cinemax’s Banshee would not return to Charlotte, North Carolina for the next two seasons.  Now today, other sources have confirmed that and new information is coming our way, saying they will relocate to Louisiana for Season 4 & 5. I am hearing Baton Rouge. I was also told there was another show that they planned on shooting in between seasons and that will be moving to Louisiana as well.   These last two notes, however, have yet to be confirmed. I will keep you posted.

In 2013, Banshee spent more than $67 million in North Carolina.

What? Did you think the folks from the film industry were exaggerating when they said productions would leave without the current incentives in place?


Banshee ‘Call to Action’ for NC film


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  2. So if Banshee spent $67M then the state took in 3.35M in sales tax. That same film got incentives of $16.75M !!!! Now will there be job losses – yes, without a doubt. But think here folks – what did the GOP Legislature do besides end the film incentives? they capped UI benefits at 20 to 26 weeks. The highest paying jobs are for out of towners. Assume (a bad thing to do) this for a moment. Lets say 50 people lose their $60K per year, (1200 per week) jobs. They get 2/3 of their gross pay from UI or 800 per week X 20 weeks = 16,000. Multiply THAT by 50 people or $800,000. The state lost the sales/income taxes for sure – so $3.35 + 800,000 = $4.1M. The state paid out $16.75M. $16.75M – $4.1M = $12.65M is what he state saved.
    Sheila says my posts crush your spirit – no, sorry thats not true. If you would open your eyes to an opposing view point you may learn something here that MIGHT prepare you for your next incentive battle.
    Sheila won’t post this so maybe she’ll learn something here.
    Question – why LS? Why not Georgia? Georgia’s incentives are better .Vog

    • Vog/Pete, Surprise Sheila did post this. There’s several things you ARE misinformed on or just don’t get with the addition of a few others. First of all, the highest paying jobs are not always for the out of town workers. We have local workers here making more than you state, or are willing to state. Local workers who own houses, pay taxes and have not filed for unemployment. (There may be some that have filed for unemployment, but none that I know) I would like for you to produce this list of unemployment filings. Prove us wrong instead of talking about it. Second, your figures are wrong. You’re looking at figures the state wants you to see. They’re not showing you the indirect tax figures. They’re harder to trace and no one has taken that task yet. They’re not showing you how much LOCAL (not national businesses) pay in taxes or how much LOCAL businesses would lose if the industry left. Loss of jobs, you betcha! Along with closings of LOCAL businesses. LOCAL businesses run by LOCAL families. The reach is endless. That’s not even counting income and taxes being paid to hotel rooms, attractions, retail stores, eateries, etc………from tourism. Yes that’s right, TOURISM! I work in the business and can state for fact that tourists visit this area just for filming locations. They don’t always come here for the “beaches” like everyone thinks. The loss of business in this area alone are enough to raise your taxes in the next couple of years. (someone has to pay them, film industry won’t be here) Does that make you happy???? Better start pinching pennies. Stated previously in an article I read….”Film Industry exit the biggest since the railroad left in the 1950’s”. Sounds like NC will be in a recession, that it never really got out of. Third, since you seem to be an internet troll, I would like for you to spend your time more wisely. Research Art Pope and his connections to the house/senate. Along with his friendship to the Koch brothers. (backers of the new studio in GA) Look for an article in the New York Times called; The Decline of North Carolina. AND, also research Mr. Popes position on education, segregation, film incentives and just about everything else you can think of. We ARE the laughing stock of the nation. Everyone else seems to know about him, but North Carolinians. We can “battle” all we want, but it won’t do any good with that man paying every politician that’ll vote in his favor. He has bought the NC government and his position is the only one that counts. Fourthly, I agree with Sheila on you not “crushing our spirit”. You are in fact doing that and without a lot of proof. Instead of replying on her blog in a negative fashion , use your time wisely to help us. Oh wait, that’s right, you don’t like film incentives. So why are you replying again? Just to get a rise out of our Biggest Cheerleader? Research these taxes and income I speak of, until then anything you say has been proven pointless!
      Amy/Hollywood East Fan

      • Amy-
        Try reading this:
        \”Film Induced Tourism
        The Handfield report asserts that the State receives $9.7 million in sales taxes generated through “film induced tourism” and that local governments receive another $5.7 million. These estimates result from the untested and unsubstantiated assumption that 1% of all tourism in the State was a direct result of film activities taking place in North Carolina. There are several issues with this approach that make it extremely unlikely that film activities in the State actually generated anything close to the level of tax revenues that are claimed by the Handfield report.
        First, there is no direct evidence that “film induced tourism” accounts for one percent of all tourist activity in North Carolina. This figure is taken from a study commissioned by proponents of film credits in Georgia and applied to North Carolina. There is no consensus in economic literature about how to track film induced tourism, the methodology of the Georgia study is not described, and no empirical work was done to see whether the findings from Georgia actually apply to North Carolina. Second, the total tourist spending figure that is used to calculate the one percent that is assumed to arise from film induced tourism includes both North Carolina residents and business travelers. Because it is extremely unlikely that dollars spent by North Carolina residents or business travelers would have been spent outside the state if North Carolina were not a location for filming, it is inappropriate to credit the Film Credit with attracting this spending.
        Fiscal Research is still researching a robust method for identifying and tracking film induced tourism. Most of the studies that have attempted this enterprise rely on questionable data, use a variety of methodologies, and reach differing conclusions. In the absence of well-established findings, Fiscal Research reduced the figure contained in the Handfield report by one half, largely to remove the effect of North Carolina residents and business travelers. As this likely still represents an overestimation of the impact of film induced tourism, Fiscal Research does not endorse this estimate, but included it to avoid omitting whatever film induced tourism may have occurred.
        As stated to Sheila – anecdotal evidence is fine but does NOT sway a Legislator.
        Read the other sections as well. Then read this about “multipliers” used for economic estimates:

        And you wonder why Sheila and I both agree any new studies have to be independently done?

      • Amy-
        I have made it clear to Sheila and others on this blog and others that I will vote against McCrory and most republicans in the state for reasons OTHER than their stance on film incentives.
        I also made it VERY clear in my post above that I made assumptions about unemployment. I stated it quite clearly. I also posted this on another blog here on Wilmywood Daily regarding unemployment in the film industry – I made it CLEAR that these were nationwide stats :
        Ave = 9.953 or 10%

        I want film supporters to take a step back and think STATE wide. Will local jobs be lost? Yes but this is a STATE wide issue. Now you say that the indirect spending shouldn[t be discounted, I agree, however, as noted in other studies the multipliers used to ESTIMATE that spending are flawed – IMPLAN numbers (used to come up with those multipliers) are grossly exaggerated as noted in the link I provided.
        It’s very easy to sit back and accuse me of being an internet troll JUST because I disagree but I have been VERY kind and VERY civil here. I have provided links and studies. What I have got back from film supporters is this “You don’t know what you’re talking about”, “I don’t know anyone who collects unemployment”. “I KNOW that film affects tourism”,
        As for Art Pope and the Georgia connection, the fall from grace of NC and so on …..yes I have read those articles and agree with them.
        I boil this argument down to this. Does the film industry – jobs, spending, and notoriety for NC justify the expense? According to every independent study done the answer is “NO”. Locally, I’d say yes but we can’t think locally ONLY on this because we are using STATE wide funds.
        As I stated REPEATEDLY to Sheila and others – you WILL get incentives back when you have a DEM Legislature AND a DEM Governor, but you have to be ready for that. You are not. You are stating with sincerity that you KNOW better without independent studies to back up your claim. When I produce a study or tow (or three) I get this “You can’t believe the government”, “you can’t believe the industry publications”, “you can’t believe the media,” “you can’t believe conservative think tanks”.
        So YOU want Legislators to believe this- “I KNOW the film industry, I KNOW it drives tourism, I KNOW its good for the state”??????
        When the states OWN Legislative research division says otherwise along with countless other studies?
        Do you see the problem here Amy? Sheila does, to a point, as she knows industry studies might be slanted (as are conservative studies).

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