CASTING CALL: New major network competition TV series

From the producers of “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Weight Loss” comes a new series for broadcast television.

Casting is underway for a new  major network is competition TV series.  This series will feature the transformation of divorced couples reuniting for a chance to win a large trust fund for their children.

The series takes a positive approach to bringing divorced couples back together to compete in various physical and mental challenges. Set in a tropical location, the couples must learn to co-exist and put their issues aside, working together to take on challenges for the one thing they still agree upon – the love of their kids.

The prize for the winning couple/divorced parent team is a 6-figure trust fund for their child and/or children.

“Our goal is that through this experience, couples will learn to better communicate with each other, in turn becoming better co-parents and improving their family dynamic.”

FILMING DATES: NOV. 2- DEC 13TH (if you make it to the end)

 Anyone interested should email Vincent ASAP at:

 Please  include in the email EVERYTHING listed below:

  • Name & Contact info
  • Ages/ Children’s ages
  • How long you’ve been divorced
  • Photos of you two together, your kids, your new families (or links to photos/social media)
  • A paragraph or two about your relationship



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