Pender County leaders urge Governor to call special session for economic development including film.

The Pender County Board of Commissioners sent out a letter today to Governor Pat McCrory, Senator Phil Berger and Speaker Thom Tillis urging the Governor to call a special session of the General Assembly to reconsider a “broad range of economic development opportunities,” with film incentives being a top priority.

Board Members J. David Williams, Fred McCoy, George Brown, Jr., Jimmy Tate, Chester Ward as well as Interim county manager, Robert Murphy and county attorney Trey Thurman expressed their concern saying the loss of the current film incentives will hit their area hard.  They also stated that they have spent a lot of money developing the industrial park and the loss of a number of incentive programs could mean they will lose the tools they need in order to “effectively secure tenants.”

They have asked the Governor to please call the special session so that they can reinstate the much needed economic programs that has served North Carolina well over the years.

READ LETTER NOW: Letter from Pender County BOC


    • And the 48 other counties have done? This is a STATE WIDE cost that benefits only several counties. Think like North carolinian not a resident of New Hanover or Pender. All independent studies show filming is a loser for state with incentive programs. And oddly enough California just destroyed all other film incentives.

      • Sorry Me. Vog, I have to disagree with you about CA.’s incentives. If you realize the huge amount of films and film workers in that state 300 million is not that much of a budget. I wouldn’t say that state is going to do that much harm. The majority of large studio films from Universal, Warner’s and Sony, are budgeted at around 100 million. You seem like a pretty good mathematician so as they say do the math. That package Gov. Brown sponsored won’t last but about a dozen or so films a year. Not to mention all the TV that has been keeping LA alive these past few years. And by the way, Georgia has nothing to worry about for many years to come. There incentive package has NO cap on it. And also no sunset date . Thanks.

    • Concerned – I’m the LAST person to criticize someones spelling.
      CA’s incentive package was just THE START. NY and GA will respond.
      and if 3X the work re-appears in CA someones got to take the hit. What interests me is that no one is thinking about this. The VERY same people that support film here got CA to raise the bar against ALL states (not just NC) – yet no one complains.
      Of course the REAL reason is that this is a war that SHOULD NOT be won by NC.
      Just watch concerned – some film work is already leaving GA. They won’t stand for it, nor will NY……..

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