Banshee’s Director Greg Yaitanes’ wrap speech

Last week, Cinemax’s Banshee wrapped it’s third season in Charlotte, North Carolina. Director Greg Yaitanes gathered the cast and crew.  In a heartfelt speech of gratitude and sadness, he ended his talk with a farewell.

“The hardest thing I want to touch on is I want to thank this gang, North Carolina as our home. We’ve all talked to you individually, but…

It’s a very sad time when you look at what we built, both in the community, in relationships, what we physically built on stage to be pushed out essentially by state politics, not by our own doing, or our own failures.

bansheeWe’ve built up something great here and it’s sad for so many reasons, but yet I wanna look at the these years we have had here, the incredible show that we built, and the work we’ve done together is hard, I know, I work everybody here hard, I know it’s a tough show, I know we rolled with a lot of punched this year. But the work that has resulted that we will see in January is phenomenal and this crew and this gang which is a mix of people I have worked with on House and beyond…it’s exciting to see new and old everybody came together in a way that it’s been a time in my life I will always remember in my career, I will always cherish it. Thank you so much for everything.”

Just a couple of days ago, Governor Pat McCrory just wasn’t exactly sure if the film incentives expiring was the reason for Banshee‘s move to Louisiana.

Are we clear now, Governor?



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  2. Just a couple of months ago film supporters were stating that filming would go to where incentives were the highest. California just TRIPLED theirs and Georgia’s was already higher.
    Now Banshee is going to Georgia? And YOUR blaming the government? while giving your own industry a “pass” on their influence within their home states?
    Are we clear film supporters?
    Yes what I say sometimes hurts feelings – but it is clear you guys are selectively scapegoating. NY will respond to CA’s move, as will Georgia yet no one here seems to think twice about what their previous words were.
    Sheila alluded to this being a battle a small part in a much larger war – she was correct, except that in this case a new country, a much BIGGER country will more weapons (money) just dropped a very big bomb on everyone.
    And you guys are strangely silent. If this is a bidding war (which its turning out to be) then it’s nothing more than payola – a pay off – a “Pay to play” and NC cannot win – not against CA, TX who are flush with oil cash (and tax cash in CA’s case).
    Forget trying to be “competitive” even the old incentive program pales in comparison………

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