As NC FILM fades to black who NOT to vote for at the polls.

Even though his very own Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker says that the JDIG program will run out of money by October unless the General Assembly acts, the Governor put the nail in the coffin today announcing he would NOT call the General Assembly back into a special session.

He is choosing fracking over film, he is choosing potential jobs over those that already exist.

So, you officially know what that means. The film incentives will not exist come January 1, 2015.  As you know we already lost Banshee.  We will not see the return of Sleepy Hollow, we will not see ABC’s Secrets & Lies go to Charlotte for a second season. We have lost two indie projects that were projected to come to Wilmington at the beginning of 2015.  We have lost a network television series and a mini-series, one to to Charleston, SC and one to New Orleans, LA.  We have also been passed over for 9 other productions because of the uncertainty. And unless Under the Dome is getting some “special” deal with the grant program, they will likely head to Charleston, SC or somewhere else.

Gov McCrory is touting about jobs, yet he is clearly just fine and dandy with losing 4200 in the film industry and he is clearly okay with the affects it will have on approximately 25,000 people across the state who are supplemented by it in some way.

The House was ready to be called back, however the Senate is another story.  And a majority of them MUST go!  The General Elections are November 4th, and we must all get EVERYONE to the polls!  We might have lost this battle, but just like Sleepy Hollow has proclaimed, “war is coming,” and we will not lose it!

Please view the complete list of all the members of the House and the Senate. You will see statewide, who is for and who is against the current film incentives. We need to make sure the General Assembly FEELS the affects of the film industry, ESPECIALLY at the polls!




  1. Don’t forget about our friend Tillis who wants to be our US Senator. Make sure that those of us who have been involved with “Film In Wilm” don’t vote for him. We all know now about how much we can trust him – about as far as we can throw him.

  2. Ironic that he did this after Hagen called him out, politics…The majority were calling for a special session to address these problems. Well he made his choice, let us start with cleaning up the Senate + Tom, then help Mr.. Mccory towards unemployment in Two years. This leaves me speechless and I am not one of the 4200 jobs. Thanks for the list, It will be put to use and I will spread the word to family, friends, and acquaintances.

  3. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and started working on film in Charleston with CBS Reckless and enjoyed every minute of what I had in front of me. I have always wanted to act but had no outlet and it was all just a dream…that was until I got on set of a major production as a featured actor. I was doing all kinds of cool stuff. At this point I was hooked and I looked into Wilmington, NC for other work and have went on over the past year doing things I could have only dreamed of. I am currently working on Secrets and Lies as A costume Camera man…I worked the Pilot back in March through the cold and rain on that street knowing that what I”m doing matters to me and many other people..FILM…I have worked every episode and never miss a call time…and on top of it all I have gained many wonderful relationships through it all…Wilmington, NC is FILM…Maybe it is time that what we believe in matters to us. Lets bow our heads and pray to our good lord about it…Let him know what matters to you and those around you. I wish that I could just live around all this crap…this is not the case. Stand proud Wilmington. Film is family here. We all matter…..Chic a Filet can KMA!

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  5. The above comment has got to be one of the most ignorant self centered responses I’ve seen lately. What exactly is a ” costume camera man”? You are not helping the cause by commenting and showing your apparent lack of experience and proper grammar. That’s been the whole problem lately. With the new incentive package implemented a few years ago, there has been an influx of new workers in NC. These kids came in when the business was doing well. I have seen this business flourish and fail throughout my 30+ year career. We all moved to the area for the business. We will all move somewhere else for the business. That’s just how it is. How many people in CA. Had to move there for the sake of remaining employed in this business? Toughen up, pull up your bootstraps and get going. As for all you kids with 4-5 even 6 years in , it’s going to be tough. The good ones may make it. The others were not cut out for it. Time to move on. Good luck, I’ll probably see some of you in LA. GA or CA. sometime down the road. I for one am so glad I saw all this coming years ago and got the hell out of Dodge when I did.

  6. Just a couple of points here.
    McCrory is NOT up for re-election in 2014.
    So, if (IF) so many of you will HAVE to move where the filming is being done then how many of you will be here to vote McCrory out of office in 2016? If 50% of film workers go to GA, LS or CA then that means 2000 votes. assume our typical 35% turn out and you get 700 votes. Given the past election cycle results that would indicate that you will have NO EFFECT on the votes as only a handful of races had margins that small.
    Now if you SAY that “OH Pete we’ll have tens of thousands of voters turning out” then I need to call you on that.
    You got less than 50% of your own local people at your rally and less then 50% of your own local people as your “massive picture” event! When you couple that with your totally useless rallies in other cities like Charlotte and Raleigh (even Woody White says other cities film workers are not behind this) then you are really over stating your own support levels.
    This is the PROBLEM you face and one I tried to bring forth to Sheila. Cheerleading is fine but when you are talking about a political process cheerleading does NOTHING but raise false hopes – which is exactly why the reaction to film incentives ending is so blatantly over emotional. the higher you raise “the hopes” the more crushing the defeat is when it eventually comes.
    Sure – vote along your “one item” outlook – emotionally that may satisfy you temporarily – but if that rep or senator is pro film but anti education what good does it do for you, or your children? If that senator is profilm but anti women does is help or hurt you in the long run?
    You folks ALL SAID if incentives end film workers will move:
    Therefore you lose ALL the supposed voters – RIGHT????
    If you DON’T move then you were fear mongering – RIGHT????
    If 2000 move but the other 2000 get other employment the loss is NOT 4000 jobs but 2000 NET jobs and your economic impact numbers are also diminished – RIGHT?
    Can anyone answer these questions honestly? These are YOUR own words – NOT MINE!!! The “truth” will set you free and prepare you for the upcoming wars.
    You’d BETTER listen, you BETTER be honest with yourselves – because you guys LOST this war – right Sheila?

    • Mccory has turned many away that voted for him previously, film or non-film related. Personally, I voted for him twice, the year he lost because the majority hit Democratic ticket and the year he won. Now with that being said I am just one, many others feel the same and it will show when that time comes. The only way I see Mccory winning in 2016 is by the same way he lost previously, by the majority hitting Republican ticket because the Presidential race (we will see). Now to your question, if 2000 move and 2000 find new jobs, there are 2000 other indivuals that cannot fill the vacant position= 2000 still unemployed. It would be ideal for casting directors to begin casting/putting people to work who reside in the areas that need addressed(getting people involved raises % turnout for Nov. 4).Hope all the best and have a blessed day.

  7. You forget (conveniently) the premise. Jobs go the people go with them – (no unemployment problem for NC then). So who votes AGAINST McCrory?
    If the people STAY, and find other work then all previous comments by film supporters were nothing more than fear mongering.
    If filming continues then all previous statement by film supporters were lies.
    So which is it?

  8. Nevada just capped their program by taking money out of their film incentive program to lure Tesla to their state for a battery manufacturing plant. That was an outrageous amount of money for one single company/facility.
    Now that makes several states that have capped, eliminated or reduced film incentives in recent years. NC just joined a growing list of states……….

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