NC FILM SUPPORTERS: We need you tomorrow! Thursday, October 9th

TOMORROW: This Thursday, the Greater Wilmington Business Journal will be hosting the 2014 Coastal Energy Summit, bringing together local, state, and national leaders in the energy industry to discuss opportunities, risks and timelines for energy related initiatives on the coast of North Carolina.

Gov. Pat McCroryGovernor Pat McCrory will be in attendance at the summit as one of the keynote speakers.  Now, I dunno about you, but after all was said and done, and all that could have been done over the past few months, it is essential for us to let him know how we feel about his leadership skills and decisions.  So in protest of his flawed economic plan and push for dirty jobs that don’t even exist; in protest for going along with removing 4200 clean jobs that do exist, the film industry has teamed up with the advocates for education and the environment. And we need you there!

Join the protest this Thursday, October 9th from 11:00AM-1:00PM at the Wilmington Convention Center at the corner of Nutt Street and Convention Center Way.

We need to gather our film family upwards of 100 people to support good jobs that do not pollute our air and water. Film Jobs.

Protesters are encouraged to bring signs NO WIDER THAN 24 inches that send a clear message that NC Film is good for North Carolina.

Here are a few ideas:

  • “Make a NOTE to VOTE” for film support
  • There’s No place like DOME , keep us HOME ! Film=Jobs
  • Film=Clean Jobs
  • Less Fracking, More Filming
  • Film donates to our local schools
  • Film supports my local business
  • Film feeds my family.
  • Film=Community

We need a STRONG representation of the NC Film Industry. Please do everything you can to be there. 

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