Today is the day to create change North Carolina and yes, your vote matters!  EVERY VOTE COUNTS!  Let’s make this the most historic midterm election in North Carolina with the highest turnout!  The polls are now open and close at 7:30pm tonight!


WWAY will have election results throughout the evening including 40 minutes COMMERCIAL FREE  beginning at 10:55pm. You can also get updates here:

Please view the complete list of all the members of the House and the Senate. You will see statewide, who is for and who is against the current film incentives. We need to make sure the General Assembly FEELS the affects of the film industry, ESPECIALLY at the polls!



New Hanover Candidates

New Hanover County Polling Locations

Brunswick Candidates

Brunswick County Polling Locations

Pender County Candidates

Pender County Polling Locations



  1. Rick Catlin is bad for New Hanover County.

    Catlin is only looking out to line his own pockets. Catlin likes to champion the fact that he took the whistleblower clause out of the fracking legislation. That part of the legislation that made it a felony to disclose the Frecon chemicals claiming it was a trade secret. The only people that would be allowed to see the chemical list would be first responders so that they knew what they were getting into if there was an explosion or a leak of toxic chemicals. Catlin likes to say he did it for the people.

    What he was really doing was looking out for his own pockets. If his company where to get any public funding from either the state or the federal agencies a.k.a. the EPA he would then have to turn over the results of whatever the chemicals were that would be found in water that could possibly be contaminated. Catlin would be putting himself and his staff at risk of a felony after results from any impact studies were concluded backside they would have to be public record. He wasn’t doing the tax payers any favors he really wants money from impact studies from the taxpayers.

    Catlin has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Koch Industries aka the Koch Brothers One of the nations largest corporate polluters. It’s public record. What do you think that money is going to buy them in regards to fracking for natural gas?

    Now Catlin wants to help out his buddies (McCrory and Decker) and Duke Energy to bury the coal ash as quick as he can putting everyone at risk in our local landfill.

    The coastal area has a moratorium on deep well disposal of hazardous chemicals. If Catlin is reelected I can guarantee you that he is going to do what he can to get that moratorium lifted so that fracking chemicals brought up from Shall deposits near wake County will be disposed of in the coastal area putting us at risk.

    He can run ads all day long holding onto little puppies but the bottom line is he’s going to help poison the water and has done nothing to help retain or create jobs in our area.

    Catlin does not support film jobs!

    » reply

    You say Caitlin wants to line his own pockets yet YOU readily admit you are voting “your wallet”.
    And you wonder why people go ballistic on you?
    Look its your lively hood – I GET IT – move if you have to – I did, multiple times. Its called life.
    The film industry needs to stand on its own two feet .

  3. You are one mean son of a bitch. Not even 12 hours. You know people are hurting and the words you say will only infuriate people and crush them further. Yet you feel it’s okay to say anything. No more ….you are done commenting on my blog. Low blow dude that was so wrong.

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