THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 12/22/2014 The final report of the year.

A HUGE thank you to Rachael Tartell, Lauren Buehler, Tracy Breyfogle, Cassandra Kollmer and all the crew members who donated their time and money this season. The Toys R Us Christmas Layaway Payoff event, which was initially a Sleepy Hollow crew initiative quickly turned into a Wilmington Film crew member event, raised over $1300 which paid off 19 Layaway plans this holiday season over at Toy R Us!!!
Thank you Wilmington Film Crew!!!


The TBS pilot Vacationland wrapped on Friday and had their wrap party over at Burnt Mill Creek Billiards & Wine Bar on Market St. that night.

Both Sleepy Hollow and Bolden are on hiatus until January 5th.

That’s it folks!  See ya in 2015! (Unless breaking news, well, breaks!) Have a safe and wonderful Holiday!!!

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