Shifting Gears gearing up for production in NC

The family sports comedy centered on dirt track racing, Shifting Gears is well…gearing up for production. Magnified Productions along with Tonic Films is looking for a March 16th start date in Central NC. Looks like a fun movie to be a part of.  If you are wondering  why the name R. Keith Harris looks familiar, you might be an Under the Dome cast/crew member.  He played Peter Shumway (Julia’s dead husband). If you worked on Adrenaline, he played Marcus. Not sure about the budget or a crew call as of yet, nor who is casting.  I will keep you posted.

Status: March 16th
Producers: Lauren Moews Vilchik, Matthew Rhoads Zboyovski
Director: Jason Winn
Writer: R. Keith Harris

 About the Movie

Tom Williamson is a hard working manager at the retail super-store Quality-Mark. He started out at Q-Mark in the stock room after high school and is finally poised to receive a promotion to Southeastern Regional Manager – or so he thinks. Due to his lack of education, Tom is passed up for the promotion. To add insult to injury, the company wants to relocate him and his family… again.

Tragedy strikes further when Tom receives news of his estranged father’s death. Now Tom has to decide between uprooting his family to stay in the same rat race, or face his past and move the family back to his hometown. Tom and his wife, Carol, decide starting a ‘family business’ is the way to go, so they pack up their restless teenage son Jeremy and free-spirited ten-year-old Stephy, and move to the small town of Bainesville, NC.

Clem Williamson was a brawler and small town dirt track racer. He didn’t have much, but he was a heck of a race car driver. He won the deed to an old service station from the local rich kid, Conrad Baines, in a race some years earlier that had some personal matters at stake. He left the service station to his son Tom in his will with hopes it may salvage some sense of peace from their broken relationship.

Unfortunately for Tom, the terms were not free and clear. Now the title to the property is on the line again and the service station is set to be sold at public auction. Conrad has his eyes set on the old property in the name of “economic development” –he wants to knock the garage down and build a Q-Mark.

In a last ditch effort to restore the balance, Tom joins forces with Clem’s former teammate, “Dirty Harry” Hawkins, and enters the Dirt Track Grand National to try and win the money they need to save the service station and his family.


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