Press Conference at EUE/Screen Gems set for tomorrow

Image Credit: David Pascua. Courtesy of EUE/ Screen Gems Studios

A press conference will be held tomorrow at EUE/Screen Gems studios at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, February 19th in regards to film. Mayor Billy Saffo, Bill Vassar, Johnny Griffith, and Beth Dawson among others will be in attendance to make an announcement. What that announcement is, no one is saying! Stay tuned! I will be attending the press conference and will keep you posted!

Sooo, what do I think they are going to say?  I have two theories.

1) The City/County are putting together there own “incentive packages” to entice film production here in Wilmywood.
2) That 5 % chance of Sleepy Hollow staying will pan out.

Take that with a HUGE grain of salt. Hell, a whole salt lick!  I am totally guessing.  What do you think the announcement will bring us?  Comment below!


  1. The crews wouldn’t have to pick-up their families and move. Many of the vendors would be able to keep their doors open. The Hotels will be full. Wilmington is the perfect place for filming with all of the Historic areas Please keep their Jobs Film=Jobs Thank you to the cast and crews and Thank you UTD for your returning to Wilmington

  2. coming from LA, we’ll all I’ll say is good luck! I have a warm spot for Wilmington as i worked in your wonderful city while employed by Marvel films/ IM3. I say good luck because my Hollywood left Californians high, and dry! Especially these past few years. We protested, and my governor finally passed an incentive, though not perfect it’s sorta competitive. Let’s face it things will never be the same, but let’s all hope we all get a little something. I’m a 25 year film painter/traveling painter for the last 10 years.

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