WILMINGTON, NC: The 8th Woman now accepting crew resumes.

The 8th Woman, a small production coming from BET will be opening offices and will begin production in April here in Wilmington.  It will run for 4th weeks. CREW RESUMES ONLY!!  Please send your resumes to:  the8thwoman@gmail.com.

All I got for now.  More details to come.

The Eighth Woman
STATUS: Pre-production
WRITER: Kevin Green, Kilby O’Rourke
DIRECTOR: Marquand Ragland
PRODUCERS: Charles Blanks, Tasha Williams, Marquand Ragland
CAST: Quinten Johnson, Vonna Woodard, Isaac Williams, Rayshawn Smith
CREW RESUMES TO: the8thwoman@gmail.com


WILMINGTON, NC: Under the Dome accepting Crew Resumes

Offices are open at EUE/Screen Gems Studios for the third season of Under the Dome and they are now accepting crew resumes. CREW RESUMES ONLY!!

For background actors, please visit the NCASTING Facebook page

STATUS: Pre-production
PRODUCER: Neal Baer, Stephen King, Stacey Snider, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank
UPM: Dale Williams
LP: Randy Sutter
WRITER: Stephen King, Neal Baer
CAST: Dean Norris, Colin Ford, Rachelle LeFevre, Mike Vogel, Mackenzie Lintz, Nicholas Strong, Eddie Cahill
CREW RESUMES TO: UTDproduction@gmail.com

An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon a small fictional town in the United States, trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization. The trapped townsfolk must discover the secrets and purpose of the “dome” and its origins, while coming to learn more than they ever knew about each other. 

SLEEPY HOLLOW: What are the cast members doing in between seasons?


Here is a fun little tidbit.  A feature film that will be shooting the spring in South Carolina titled Things You Missed While You Were Gone will be starring Sleepy Hollow‘s Lyndie Greenwood,  Shane West (A Walk to Remember) Jena Malone and others.  It’s the story of a young woman named June. Her lover has just passed away and in her grief she takes his 8mm camera and decides to travel across the country to California to make a movie for him. This is coming from Radar Pictures and will be directed by Nina Ljeti.



DEADLINE REPORTS Orlando Jones and his Drive-By Entertainment partner Noam Dromi have optioned the rights to cult deprogrammer Ted Patrick’s story. Jones and Dromi will write the screenplay as a starring vehicle for Jones. They will produce the feature with docu filmmaker Tracy Funches. Prominent in the 1970s, Patrick was known as the “father of deprogramming” and seen as savior to many parents who had seemingly lost their children to cults.  Since he has no plans to uproot his family, I suppose he will be writing that screenplay from his downtown home here in Wilmywood.  READ MORE NOW



John Noble plays the lead in this upcoming feature Holt in which in 1967, the Cold War. In the days before his mysterious disappearance, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt struggles to quell RED hysteria by wrestling power from an overzealous spy-master within his own government. This project is curretnly in pre-production. This thriller is due out in October.



INDIEWIRE reports that around the same time she was “digging into the role of Katrina Crane, powerful witch and wife to Ichabod (Tom Mison), she got the opportunity to play a supporting role in Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups, which premieres at the Berlin Film Festival this weekend.  Winter wasn’t sure if she had made the final cut of “Knight of Cups,” but she still was able to tell Indiewire about what it was like to improvise with Christian Bale, the fun of working with Malick, what’s been frustrating about playing a damsel in distress on Sleepy Hollow (as opposed to a character in her own right) and whether she knows for sure if she’ll be back for a potential Season 3.” So, off to Berlin perhaps?   READ MORE NOW

CHARLESTON, SC: Danny McBride Series now accepting crew resumes

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The new HBO series, Vice Principals, is currently accepting crew resumes. This production will be based in the Charleston region and begin principal photography at the end of March.

Please send your resume to: viceprincipalsresumes@gmail.com. Be sure put your position and department in the subject line.

FYI: Line producer is Stephanie Laing.  Directing is of course Jody Hill.

But guess who else would have made it back to Wilmywood if the incentive would have stayed in place? (FYI: This series was supposed to be shot here, hence the post).

Our Dawson’s Creek girl, Busy Phillips.  Yep she is starring in this series along with Danny McBride, Da’vine Joy Randolph, Sheaun McKinney, and Georgia King.

Is there an emoticon for my current mood as I write this blog?