18 episodes for Sleepy Hollow, Under the Dome back in Wilmington, Bolden surpasses 100 days.

Our Fox Show Sleepy Hollow will have an 18 episode third season, however early reports confirmed the supernatural show will be filming this time around in Atlanta. The reason for the move is of course for better incentives. There is about a 5% chance they will stay.  Odds are not in our favor however.  Clifton Campbell has signed on as executive producer and showrunner. Earlier this month, Mark Goffman moved to CBS Television Studios for a two-year overall deal to supervise and develop new projects for the studio. Fox stated that the third season will explore the evolving partnership between Crane and Mills after the pair scored a decisive victory over evil in the Season 2 finale.

under-the-dome-kingUnder the Dome will remain in Wilmywood for the rest of the week at the Gypsum Plant.  On that note, this business hasn’t made dry wall in quite a while, so they have been renting warehouse space to CBS.  They have been holding the sets since last season. That’s money spent locally for the location that was otherwise out of business. Just sayin’.

So far they have filmed in New Hanover and Pender Counties, and it looks like they will be giving Brunswick County some love next week. They head to Southport on Tuesday at their very familiar location on East Bay Street – ya know, “Big Jim” Rennie’s house.

Bolden has surpassed it’s 100 day of filming this week!  And they still have at least one more month to go. Some say it could possibly go all the way until the first week of June! They of course continue filming in Rocky Point today.


  1. Im praying that they will be back in Wilmington I can travel to Atlanta I do see Katrina coming back although do think there is going to be more action. love all of the cast. 5 percent is better than no percent at all maybe Wilmington prayer will be answer

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