Eriq LaSalle returns to Under the Dome for Season 3

First time around, the fabulous Eriq La Salle came to Wilmywood with his director’s cap on for episode 2.9 of Under the Dome. He got right into the local scene.  Eriq joined me on the Sunny Morning Show and even had a book signing at our Mayfaire Barnes & Noble.  This time he is back as a cast member!  He will play the ruthless Hektor Martin, the CEO of the energy company run by Barbie’s father played by Brett Cullen.  He will also return to direct this season.  Again the 9th episode.  Does he have a thing for the number nine?  Inquiring minds want to know!eriq-and-sheila-e1401983201400

We are SO proud and excited to have Eriq back. While you wait, you might as well pick up his book series ( Laws of Innocence, Laws of Depravity, Laws of Wrath) and give ’em a read!  He’s a fantastic writer!  Is there anything this man cannot do?

Welcome back Eriq!  We love you to pieces!

Under the Dome returns for its third season on Thursday, June 25 with a two-hour premiere 9pm EST on CBS.


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