Wilmywood’s Joe Dunton and his successful jaunt from NC to LA.

Wilmington’s own Joe Dunton jetted west to Los Angeles  for  4 days of nonstop film fun and of course to talk serious NC Film Business on an International scale — as only Joe would do it.  As always Mr. Dunton does everything he can to keep Wilmington, NC in the forefront of Hollywood’s mind.  Here’s a ‘lil photo journal of his time in LA which was very well spent.


Joe Dunton meets with major financiers and Chinese investors interested in American properties (both film properties and the Real estate type) at the summit, as well as film producers and movie development companies targeting Chinese-American co-financing and co-productions in the United States and abroad.


Joe Dunton with Richard L. Anderson, Academy-Award nominated sound editor for Poltergeist, and Daylight, now a writer-director working with the Chinese. Richard was a keynote speaker at the Summit.


Joe Dunton talks NC Film with famed actor-producer James Hong, best known for Blade Runner, Chinatown, Big Trouble in Little China, Wayne’s World 2, and Seinfeld — among more than 500 roles in a seven-decade career.


Joe Dunton accepts special invitation to the screening of the re-mastered Blade Runner, directed by his old pal Ridley Scott, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Joe and Ridley began as “mates in the UK”, their close working and personal relationship has spanned decades.

image6Joe Dunton experienced the most advanced IMAX system in the world in 3D at the TCL Chinese Theatre. ​He was invited by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) to a technical demonstration and screening of the new Imax laser-illuminated projector and immersive-sound system (LIPS) in 3D on the Chinese Theatre’s screen — 90 feet wide and 45 feet tall, the only theatre in the U.S. to boast such as system, though more are planned, touted as “the science of cinema raised to the level of magic.”

​The lasers allow a 50 percent increase in illumination, especially noticeable in 3D. ​Joe is reported to have nodded in approval. ​He and his SMPTE friends stayed to see Fast and Furious 7 the premiere of IMAX LIPS in the U.S., financed in part by Chinese investors. F&F 7 is China’s highest grossing movie of all time.


​Joe Dunton with Natasha Braier, the internationally acclaimed cinematographer, on the set of The Neon Demon in Pasadena. ​Natasha, born in Argentina, was named one of 2013 Variety’s 10 Cinematographers to Watch and has lensed Glue, XXY, Chinese Puzzle, The Rover, and The Milk of Sorrow, winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and an Academy-Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film.

​Natasha earned her master of cinematography at the National Film and TV School in the United Kingdom, where she was a classmate and friend of Joe’s daughter, the director Erica Dunton.


​Joe is there in more than spirit: Natasha Braier, the cinematographer, is using Joe’s hand-designed specialty lenses throughout the entire shoot for The Neon Demon. ​The film stars Keanu Reeves, Elle Fanning and Christine Hendricks and is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who helmed the Pusher films, Valhalla Rising, Only God Forgives and the Academy Award nominated and critically acclaimed, Drive starring Ryan Gosling.


Joe received a warm on-set reception from a beaming Natasha, Elle Fanning, and a clearly impressed Nicholas Refn. Natasha made certain that Joe was on set to see the current exciting work these one of a kind Dunton lenses are producing on this very artistic, new Keanu movie.

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