#UnderTheDome Fans! Let your voice be heard!

Rachelle LeFevre "Julia" and Sheila Brothers

Dome Days are here!  Yep, we get not one, but two days to hang out with the stars, and I want to ask YOUR questions! This Monday and Tuesday, we will be on set and we get to chat with the Season 3 cast…

Rachelle Lefevre (Julia)
Dean Norris (Big Jim)
Colin Ford (Joe)
Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie)
Kylie Bunbury (Eva)
Mike Vogel (Barbie)
Eddie Cahill (Sam)
Alex Koch (Junior)
Max Ehrich (Hunter)
Marg Helgenberger (Christine)

So whatcha got?  Pick your favorite character and submit your questions in the comment section below, make sure to add who the questions are from!



  1. Question for Kylie Bunbury: What made you want to play Eva, and how is this character different form other characters you’ve played in the past? Also, are you going to be in all 13 episodes this season?

  2. Question to Colin Ford: Hii Colin! First I wanna say that I am so proud of you, I am your fan since 2010 and aah I love you ❤️ What do you think about Joe in this season? Can we expect more Norrie and Joe love moments? Or nah.

    From Brazil.

  3. Question for the super star Colin Ford: I know and i have to confess that you were born to act but even thought you are so talented, was there any moment when you were reading the script and got nervous or thrilled to perform something in the previous seasons? Much love,
    Joana, Portugal ♥

  4. Question for the Best (Colin Ford): How’s that now performing as Norrie’s boyfriend once u lately got a girlfriend, Alex? Does that mess up with anything or logically it’s all ok because you’re an actor…? By the way I love you too
    Joana, Portugal

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