THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 06/18/2015 Bolden Wraps, Adrenaline Sold Out, Dirty Dancing and more.


After Dirty Dancing popped back up in the Production Weekly, I only scratched my head for a moment wondering if they would ever breathe life into this project.  It’s been on hiatus for a while. Over the past few months they have switched out writers and producers and last that was heard was that the project was shut down.  But Hunter Ingram over at the Star News got the news that the Lionsgate project had filed for an extension.  They had 100 days from approval to do so to be able to use the grant money. It’s still quite a mystery on when production will begin, so I guess we will keep Baby in the corner until it’s time to come out and play, or dance if you will.  READ STAR NEWS ARTICLE NOW


I feel there is no point in telling you this bit because, hell, it’s SOLD OUT! Which is great news however. Our NC Indie, Adrenaline, starring John Schneider and quite a few local folks like the fabulous Michael Rosander, is showing at the Lumina Theater at UNCW tomorrow night.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, have a great night!


 Ready to get a first look at the Wilmington Film Museum?  This will include a peek at early Wilmington movie theaters, a brief history of filmmaking across the state, Dino and the birth of the studio, plus a walk down memory lane circa 1995. Summer Exhibit runs June 22 – August 15, 2015 with a special Premiere Party on Friday, June 27th at 6pm! As they say, get to know the creators and contributors of the Wilmington Film Museum. Casual dress, drinks and apps for all – and some awesome film history!  It will be at the Hannah S Block Community  Arts Center at 120 S 2nd St.
After months of long days and extra hard work, Bolden! has FINALLY wrapped!  Congrats to all the NC Film Cast and Crew! And thanks to the Bolden folks for putting a major influx of cash in to North Carolina twice! Or was that the third time?


And if you’re Comic Con fanatic, Under the Dome has a panel on Thursday July 9th. The panel will include Mike Vogel, Rachelle LeFevre, Marg Helgenberger along with executive producers Neal Baer and Tim Schlattmann. The panel discussion will be moderated by Michael Yo.

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