Under the Dome Ratings and One Word for Season 3

Although the two-hour season three premiere of Under the Dome was down 38% from the season two premiere, they still crushed the competition. Our Wilmywood shot show had nearly double the viewers than the other network rivals. So, we should still be pleased with the numbers. UTD garnered over 6 million viewers.  Not bad for its third time around.

From time to time, I contribute to the Community section of Entertainment Weekly regarding all television productions filmed right here in Wilmywood. Since we haven’t had much to talk about TV wise for months, it was great to be able to write and capture video for this awesome magazine.  My work is online only, but I still get pretty pumped about talking about filming in our awesome city!  So, whether you have seen the premiere of Under the Dome or not, here are the cast members attempting to describe season 3 in one word.  Enjoy!


What’s your one word?


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