North Carolina loses another production to Georgia

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Well, we can thank the General Assembly for this news…

I have just been told the original Netflix series starring Winona Ryder which had a close eye on Wilmywood, ultimately decided to go where most do these days. Georgia. A couple of heads of production scouted here last week and were very pleased with Wilmington. The creatives especially. One of the main reasons they really liked Wilmington is it could easily double for the town of Montauk which is located on the very eastern tip of Long Island. It’s a fishing village but also has very expensive estates, and a lot of very old money. Certain areas of Wilmington could perfectly double for Montauk and from what I have been told the creatives agreed.

But money always wins in the end. Because North Carolina is into its new fiscal year with absolutely ZERO dollars for film, Wilmington lost yet another show.

Some folks are saying they are going to Atlanta, however, the closest thing they will get for Montauk is Tybee Island — where they shot Sponge Bob 2. It will be a much harder task to recreate Montauk in Georgia, but until North Carolina gets their shit together (pardon my French), productions will just be a passing ship through the night for us.

Is very heartbreaking as it would have that worked out perfectly especially for the Under the Dome crew who possibly could have rolled over to that show which will be filming through 2016.

300 jobs. Poof.



  1. So many people have moved to Wilmington from Long Island because of the geographical similarities, Me being one of them. I also come from a Film Business Family. It saddens me that Gov McCrorey pulled the rug out. Hopefully our next governor will reinstate the incentives…..we all
    Need to keep this in mind when we vote……

  2. It is another sad day for our states film industry. Many people and business’s have started to suffer because of the lack of film throughout the state. Local vendors have already seen the drop off and the tourism will drop off soon as well. Soon all 4 thousand film workers will be collecting checks and paying other states income taxes, while calling North Carolina home. Last I checked that will cause the state to lose a lot of income tax money. I suppose the state has plenty of that money, and can afford to lose it.

  3. I have lived in Wilmington full time since 2003. But have lived here in and off since 1976.
    I am so disappointed in the nc legislature I really don’t care what their thought processes were about he film incentives I just know the impact that is and will have on Wilmington and the surrounding areas. We have few large industries -Corning GE PPD Verizon Wireless- so for all these productions to leave is devastating to the economy.
    I truly wish the powers that be do “get their shit together “

  4. This is really a no-brainer, motion picture and TV productions are a real source of revenue for states and cities as locations. NC brainless legislators, only have to travel to Philly, Pa and see its track record of what film and TV productions can do for local city businesses and state level revenue. Obviously, the republican legislature, doesn’t want NC to be competitive in this industry…shame on them…and shame on those voters, whom voted these folks into office.

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