Horror strikes on Sleepy Hollow location in Georgia


Sleepy Hollow, which filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina for the first two seasons, recently moved (due to the lack of North Carolina film incentives) to Conyers, Georgia. Their first week of shooting was this week and a horrific incedent happened to a female security guard on Day 1.

According to the press release… 

“She was sitting in her (black 2007 BMW 328i) when she was approached by two black males with their faces covered, one wearing a black bandana and one wearing a red bandana. They forced the victim into her own vehicle’s trunk.” 

After joyriding with the female in the truck of the passenger car, the two suspects forced her to give them the PIN to her ATM card, and they withdrew money from the Bank of America, 1088 West Avenue, Conyers.”

The suspects then sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

“The victim was finally released on Johnson Road and the suspects drove off in her vehicle toward Flat Shoals Road,” according to the press release. “The victim walked to Texaco (located at 1410 Klondike Road) where she called police.”

The News has the complete story.

I can’t even fathom what this poor woman went through.

Many crew members here in North Carolina heard about this story this week and not only were they appalled by the heinous act, it gave them another reason to wish Sleepy Hollow never left. Many believe that this kind of thing would not happen here in Wilmington, North Carolina.

We all hope that is true. But of course we never want something like that to happen to anyone, anywhere.

We are sending good vibes to the victim and to the cast and crew. May this never happen again.

UPDATE: Kidnappers arrested!

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