EUE/Screen Gems Studios Tours – another stage opens for tours

Image Credit: David Pascua. Courtesy of EUE/ Screen Gems Studios

Under the Dome is allowing EUE/Screen Gems to tap another stage for the studio tours this weekend. This Sunday, THREE of the stages used for Under the Dome will be on view. That’s a first for Screen Gems—three stages!

I can’t tell you what’s on the stages because it changes so much from weekend to weekend, but here’s a rundown of what I do know:

When they started the tours this spring, the house from ABC’s Secrets and Lies was part of the tour….now, it’s being transformed into something else….and you may or may not see it this weekend, depending on what happens with shooting today and with weekend construction. But it’s likely you’ll see it as they move forward!

Stage 4 has multiple sets—and they change them all the time for Under the Dome—this will be on view both Saturday and Sunday—THIS IS THE NEW ONE WE HAVE ACCESS TO THIS WEEKEND, both Saturday and Sunday.

Stage 7 is not available to see on Saturday, but you can see it on Sunday. It houses the iconic UTD diner, The Sweetbriar Rose.

Stage 8 is changing constantly….you’ll be able to see how UTD is using it right now on both Saturday and Sunday.

Tours are Saturday and Sunday at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.  GET DETAILS NOW

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