RUMORS FROM THE LOT: Under the Dome to leave Wilmington for Season 4

We should have read the writing on the wall, or lack there of when the already iconic “Sweetbriar Rose” exterior in Burgaw for Under the Dome returned to its natural form. But because these guys persevered despite the cost and stayed in Wilmington for season 3 – we thought maybe just maybe they would consider staying here one more season.  That’s if there is a season 4.  But we already know there will be.

However, multiple sources have told me that an announcement was made today.  I was told that Executive Producer Peter Leto let folks know that if Under the Dome gets picked up for another season, they will not be returning to Wilmington.

Rumors are swirling about the CBS show heading to Utah for the 4th season, and that this move was spearheaded by Executive Producer Neal Baer. Utah has basically our old film incentive, a 25% rebate.

No official announcement has been made regarding a 4th season yet, nor is this information I am giving you now.  I am just telling you what I am being told.

This is sadly Banshee all over again.

Please feel free to thank our North Carolina General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory for putting 300+ more people out of work.

I will try to get confirmation on this matter ASAP.  More details to come.




  1. Doesn’t surprised me one bit. I’ll bet if you asked the Hollywood pencil pushers if burger-flippers deserve $15/hour, they’d say HELL YES. But their theatrical companies prefer working in a state where they get tax breaks and can pay extras, barely above minimum wage ($8/hr). Hollywood Hypocrites will NEVER let the minimum wage go to $15/hr because they’d have to pay a few million less for the box-office stars. Or CG in extras which makes the film look like a cartoon. Move along, HYPOCRITES. Everyone else? Move to where the money is. As for me? I love where I live but I’m closer to Atlanta than Wilmington. Buh Bye, UTD.

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