Under the Dome Vacates Wilmywood: More details

So, it looks like my sources were once again correct. Although there has been no official words to come out, crew members who work on Under the Dome, commented on social media platforms with sadness, frustration and agreement, not corrections to the story.


Today, I got word that CBS has initiated strike orders for all the sets. I also heard there will be a set dec sale sometime soon, but that it will be small. Most of the show’s belongings will be broken down and shipped out. Under the Dome wraps season 3 this Friday.

Ironically, this was theĀ last official prop purchase for Under the Dome. I do believe I see our NC Film Industry in there.


If you haven’t seen the sets at EUE/Screen Gems Studios, I would HIGHLY recommend you take a studio tour ASAP to see the stages where Under the Dome calls home. The tours run Saturdays and Sundays at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm. At least for now.

The only good news I can tell you is that now with Dirty Dancing releasing the $4M in unused grant money, we will be having a pilot or two this fall, but I am holding off on releasing the details at the moment.

FYI: Pilots will only keep folks employed for 3 weeks or so.

I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I have looked at the reasoning for abolishing film production in NC to make sense of it in some way to no avail. So sad and infuriating to see an industry built from the ground up toppled by a few greedy people supposedly employed to look after our best interests.

  2. It’s so sad to see the cast and crew go. The Cape Fear region truly became a character in its own right and it will be missed.

    Regarding the set dec sale, any info as to whether it will purely be on location or online as well? Can you keep us updated with details?

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