TV pilot with a Durham, NC story-line heads to Vancouver.

News is starting to come out in regards to the unused Dirty Dancing cash. ($4m). It looks like NBC will not be shooting the pilot, The Wilding (Tim Kring) in North Carolina though through no fault of their own. NBC was among 16 other productions who applied for the unused portion of the previous grant money. I’ve been unofficially told they were turned down. The supernatural drama’s storyline is based in Durham, NC. A perfect match, wouldn’t you think?

From what I’ve been hearing, NBC is very disappointed in this decision as they have already invested in this state with the previous show Surface (Season 1) and the pilot they shot in early 2014, Red Zone. They are repeat customers who have spent more than $50M in North Carolina.

NBC will sadly be taking the pilot to Vancouver.

As stated before in my earlier blog, this is an NBC production shooting for the USA Network. And you know how USA operates. If they see a show doing well, they will order multiple seasons! Just look at Burn Notice and White Collar.

This project would have used the statewide crew base and these are exactly the type of productions that the legislators wanted: long term productions that showcase the state. So, this is quite baffling. I don’t know all specifics, so I can’t say much at the moment.

It is safe to say however if the state budget was not 7 weeks overdue and the NC Film Grant was replenished, The Wilding would have called Wilmywood their home.

The pilot would have created 135 jobs and used 80 businesses across North Carolina.

As for the series, they don’t have to stay in Vancouver, they could shoot it anywhere. Let’s hope it will be here (trying to be optimistic).

Official details should be coming out within the next 7 days which productions applied and which were awarded the grant. I’ll keep you posted.



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  3. I’m a bit confused — does “NBC” refer to something other than the broadcast network? Why would NBC be in cahoots with the USA Network — they are two separate entities? As for productions going to Canada (I’m a union musician)., this often happens because Canadians often require no backpay/royalty income for various workers.

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