THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 08/31/2015 NC Film booms Box Office, NC CD picks up GA job, TNT in Wilmywood

As Box Office Mojo put it, War Room was the story of the weekend!

On Friday, the North Carolina shot (Cabarrus/Mecklenburg counties) faith-based film War Room claimed the #1 spot beating Straight Outta Compton, a feat bigger budget films could not accomplish. War Room took in $4,045,000, on Friday while Compton garnered $3,850,000. In the end however, Straight Outta Compton won the top spot with $13.2M vs War Room with $11M.

Box Office Mojo has more on the story..

Warroom2“Sony’s faith-based film from their Affirm division flew so far under the radar that it didn’t even get a Cinemascore. But it nearly stole Compton’s title and, at the same time, became the biggest hit for the Kendrick brothers, director Alex Kendrick and his writer/producer brother, Stephen. Their modestly-budgeted flicks have a great return on investment. War Room has a reported budget of $3.5M while their 2011 police officer film, Courageous, had a $2M budget, going on to a domestic cume of $34.5. Their 2008 fireman flick, Fireproof, had a $33.5M domestic cume on a budget of $500K.” READ MORE NOW 

AdrenalineNow some of those actors who are in War Room are also starring in this NC shot flick. Adrenaline is showing at Mayfaire’s Regal Cinemas on September 8th 7:30pm. There are only a handful of tickets left. The Adrenaline Barracuda and Chevy Nova will be on display the night of the screening, and you get to hang with the actors!  Get tickets here:  NOTE: Joseph Simpkins says that you cannot show up at the theater and buy your tickets, only through the TUGG link above.

tumblr_static_chris-evans-v_a7431_1_png_640x480_upscale_q90Jobs are slim pickins these days in North Carolina if you are a crew member and many are heading out to as far as Illinois, but Georgia seems to be the most popular location. And that includes casting directors. Although she is not moving, which makes it very difficult when you are a single mother of 3 kids, you gotta go where the work is.
The latest production our lovely local lady, Marty Siu of Marty Siu Casting, is working on is in Savannah, GA.

“I’ll be doing extras casting for the new movie in Savannah, called, Gifted, starring Chris Evans,” says Marty. “It starts filming Oct 7th. Folks can tune in to my website tomorrow for details.”

If you are in the area and would like to work on the flick, head to Marty’s Facebook page.  Congrats on the job girl, but we wish you could stay here!

blakecrouchICYMI: TNT’s Good Behavior is gearing up for pre-production and should be opening offices this week at EUE/Screen Gems. It’s coming from North Carolina native and author Blake Crouch as well as Chad Hodge.  The two are also responsible for the goodness that is FOX’s  Wayward Pines. The drama stars Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCTION NOW


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