NC House/Senate agree on Film Grant Money

Even though the NC state budget still has yet to be passed, the leadership of the House and the Senate have agreed upon a number for the next two fiscal years for the NC Film Grant.  It will be allotted $30 million for each fiscal year. That’s $60M total.

After the agreement, Senator Michael Lee of New Hanover County said, “We would’ve loved to have the number higher, but Rep. Davis and I worked really hard to get it to that level. I’d like to thank the Small Business for Film Group for all their support. They really made a big difference.  It’s a great day for New Hanover County and the state of North Carolina.”

They are now currently working on tweaking the language of the NC Film Grant.

More to come!





  1. Lee wanted 66 Million! State Senator Michael Lee (R- New Hanover) says he doesn’t believe senate leaders will back $60 million dollars in film incentives. “As hard as I have been working on this, they will not,” explained Lee. “I wish they would fund it at the amount in my bill ($66 million), and I am working as hard as I can to push the number as close to $66 million as is possible.”

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