NC Film Crew members Mourn the Loss of a Brother.

Yesterday, some sad news rocked the NC Film Crew world because the man who passed away is being called “an incredible human being” and “the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”

Geoffrey Ryan worked in the Locations Dept since the late 1970s. He’s worked on many productions here in Wilmywood including Bolden!, Where the Devil Hides and Revolution to name a few.

Crew member Kasey Keiser has set up a Memorial Fund for Geoff’s family describing the man as “one if the best people anyone could ever know or work with,” and that Geoff “meant so much to many…an inspiration for allot.”

Below is from the Go Fund Me.

Geoffrey Ryan.

The man has passed, but the legend will live on forever.

He touched so many lives in his travels, picking up stories and giving them to all.  We all know a piece of him, and that is what will always be with us.  This is truly someone whom can never be forgotten.

To honor him, this is a Memorial Fund dedicated to his life, and his family…Chayne Ashton Ryan.  All proceeds will go directly to her to help out in any way that she needs.  This gives each of us the chance to help out the best way we can to show how far his stories go, and how big her family truly is… How much each of us cared for and loved this absolutely amazing soul, and the songs of his life.

Please feel free to give anything you can, but this is not about the money, this is about the love.  Share this across the world, across any medium you can.  Let’s make sure everyone can see this and feels his presence, with that hair flowing under that hat.  Sing songs in his memory.  Post your stories of Geoff so all can see.  Let each of us show how we care by forging the myth of the man, Geoffrey Ryan.

Loveyameanit, My Bruthas and Sistas.

GIVE NOW: Geoff Ryan Memorial Fund


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