TNT’s ‘Good Behavior’ films next week at two Wilmington Staples

Yay! The first locations outside of EUE/Screen Gems have been released. Next Friday, October 9th, TNT’s Good Behavior starring Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto will be filming at two of Wilmington’s staples.

They will be shooting at Salt Works Restaurant and in the parking lot at the NHC Arboretum, both of which are on Oleander Drive. You know we always talk about how small businesses benefit from film and here is a wonderful example. This will be an evening shootSalt works and the scenes will involve rain effects and a tour bus.  That’s all I know. I can tell you they will need about 20 extras or so for this scene, so make sure you keep an eye out on NCasting’s Facebook page for this call if you wanna do some background work.

They will also be shooting at a private home next Wednesday through Friday and the following week as well on Country Club Rd. Just a few extras will be needed for those shoots.

All dates are subject to change and are especially weather permitting.

Woop! Let’s get this NC Film party started!



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