NC Dept. of Commerce releases Prod Cos who got the Dirty Dancing Cash

If you are an avid reader of this here blog, The Wilmywood Daily, then you’ve known most of these deets for a while now. But there were a few things that we were waiting on. Like an official announcement from the Dept. of N.C. Commerce of what we already know AND which production got what from the Dirty Dancing money.  So, here we go.

  1. TNT’s Good Behavior (Wilmington, NC) – Eligible for up to $1.25 million. 

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2. The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (Asheville, NC) – Eligible for up to $2.8 million.

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3. HGTV’s Love it or List it (Raleigh/Durham, NC) – Eligible for up to $950,000.

We knew a reality show got the final bit of cash from the left over money , but we didn’t know which one.  Well, now we do.

Now with the Dirty Dancing money done with and since the Governor signed the budget today, we will now see who applies for the $30M in the grant for this fiscal year. It might be a little while since they have to implement all the new language what was changed.


TNT’s Drama ‘Good Behavior’ chooses male lead.

Oh my, my, my.  We have ourselves a male lead, ladies and gentleman!  Yes, we will be welcoming Spanish actor Juan Diego Botto to Wilmywood soon! He is set to play the character Javier opposite Michelle Dockery (Letty Dobesh) in the TNT drama pilot Good Behavior. Shooting begins October 7th right here in Wilmywood.

This is his first role on American television. Now here’s some deets about his character. According to Deadline, Javier is the magnetic contract killer who crosses paths with Letty when she overhears his plans to kill a client’s wife. Like Letty, Javier lives a dangerous life outside the system, and their attraction is immediate and complicated. When he discovers her intentions to undermine the murder plot, he’s impressed but undeterred. Javier seeks Letty out to kill her, but ends up pulling her into a dangerous, seductive working arrangement.

I repeat, this will be a dangerous and seductive relationship! And that’s just how WE like it, right?

Good Behavior is based on the Letty Dobesh books by our NC native Blake Crouch.

Who’s getting pumped about this pilot? Woop!

THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 09/16/2015 Senate Vote, Sleepy Hollow on DVD, Reel Wilmington Film Series

We are one step closer to reaching a final budget. The NC Senate voted 33-16 yesterday for a budget compromise. A final Senate vote will happen today. The House take it on tomorrow and Friday. The bill then goes to Gov. Pat McCrory for his John Hancock.

Yesterday, we discovered there were some positive language changes to the NC Film Grant which will give us $30M per fiscal year. READ FULL STORY NOW.

The NC Film Grant is a five year plan, expiring July 1, 2020. The grant will increase the minimum spend of $250,000 per episode for video or television series to $1M per episode.

The current cap has a max rebate of $5M, up to 25% on qualified expenses/purchases of productions for an entire television series. The max payout will be raised from $5M to $9M for a single television series.

Feature Films remain at $5M for minimum spends and maximum rebates. Commercials will remain the same as well at $250,000.tscc3

Sleepy Hollow Season 2-3-300x300Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow which was filmed right here in Wilmywood is out on DVD. Go ahead and grab yourself a copy and see just about everyone you know in the BG 🙂

IM3The Reel Wilmington Film Series at Bailey Park kicks off this Saturday and features family friendly movies shot in the Carolinas. First up is Iron Man 3 (edited). Bring a chair and your friends and family and head to Bailey Theatre Park at 12 North Front Street. Showtime is at 7:30pm

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Revised language for $30M NCFilm Grant. Raises Cap for TV series.

Last week, Senator Michael Lee announced that the leadership of the House and Senate agreed to replenish the NC Film Grant with $60M for the next 2 fiscal years — $30M per fiscal year.  The next step was to revise the language of the film grant.  The goal was to focus more on television series rather than features which would be more beneficial to NC Film Crew and small businesses.  Most of the changes relate to that.

The budget compromise is 429 pages long and the Senate will be voting on the deal tomorrow.  Someone bring in the coffee, Jolt Cola and Red Bull please cuz it’s gonna be a long night!  Seriously, how on earth can one human carefully go through 429 pages and know what the hell they are voting on?  I’m definitely NOT saying to NOT end this thing. Lord knows this budget is almost 11 weeks overdue, but…well, I’m just sayin’! At least the House requires 72 hours before voting after receiving a monster like this budget.  The Senate, however, does not.  FYI, according to Colin Campbell over at the N&O, this year’s budget will be the longest-delayed spending plan since 2002.

Our legislators in the NC Senate in general as you know are NOT fans of the film industry. So you can imagine what it would be like to fight for it.  It’s like trying to run up a tidal wave. So, any changes that were made, were nothing short of a miracle. So, if you have a moment, please make a call or send an email to Michael Lee, Bill Rabon, and Harry Brown on the Senate side and of course Rep. Ted Davis in the House and thank them for fighting for us.

Anyway, let’s get to it. What are the major changes in the language?

First, the NC Film Grant is a five year plan, expiring July 1, 2020. In this budget we are replenished for the first two years.

Currently the NC Film Grant has a minimum spend of $250,000 per episode for video or television series. The minimum spend will increase to $1M per episode.  As a dear friend of mine put it, that will assure we don’t get a lot of low budget/low rate crapola. Yeah, I’d say that’s a good way to put it.

Feature Films remain at $5M. Commercials remain the same as well at $250,000.

Now for the cap! We all detest the $5M cap. The current cap has a max rebate of $5M, up to 25% on qualified expenses/purchases of productions for an entire television series or feature film.  We lost out on a few projects because of that! So, the good news is that the max payout will be raised from $5M to $9M for a single television series.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  All things are not created equal.  Like feature films. The current the rebate would remain the same at $5M.

You see what they did there? Do I love it? Not really. But should we focus on longer term projects such as television? Yes. As I stated earlier, the goal was to focus more on television series – longer term jobs for the crew and more spending with our vendors. Television is more important to our film folks.

Of course we all wish we could just go back to our good old film incentives, and throw the grant out the window. But it is what it is and we can only move forward from here. What we have in the new budget will get us back on our feet, so in the end it’s worth smiling about.

Other changes include fringe benefits for those who work less than 35 hours per week. In the new grant language, it removes the 35 hours.  I don’t have a complete understanding about this yet.

So now the Senate will vote then the House this week.  Will they make their Friday deadline?  Will the Governor veto? We shall see…

SEE HOUSE BILL 97 NOW (Film Grant on page 299)


ASHEVILLE, NC: Fincannons looking for 10-13yr old boy for ‘Whitetail’

As we chatted about throughout August into September,  The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter is gearing up in Asheville, NC. The feature stars Josh Brolin and Danny McBride and the storyline revolves around a nationally known deer hunter who takes his son, Jaden on a hunting trip. Production should begin mid to late October and run through December.

Fincannon & Associates are looking for a 10 to 13 year old to play the character Jaden in Asheville, NC.

Lisa Mae Fincannon says “there’s no acting experience necessary they are looking for very real southern young men who have a gift for telling stories and being themselves in front of the camera. A great sense of humor helps as well. Jaden is confident and considers himself pretty cool while having a 6th grade real boy qualities. He supposed to be bonding with his father on a hunting trip, but Jaden wants to do anything but.”

The open call to the public is this Saturday 11 a.m. til 3 p.m. Please bring a recent photo of the child if you have one. There is no charge and the general public is urged to attend.

For more details call Meredith Petty or Olivia Arokiasamy 910-262-2002

Saturday, September 12, 2015
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Riverside Business Park.
2002 Riverside Dr., Asheville, NC
Use the LOFTS 1 Enterance.
Bring recent photo of child.

NC House/Senate agree on Film Grant Money

Even though the NC state budget still has yet to be passed, the leadership of the House and the Senate have agreed upon a number for the next two fiscal years for the NC Film Grant.  It will be allotted $30 million for each fiscal year. That’s $60M total.

After the agreement, Senator Michael Lee of New Hanover County said, “We would’ve loved to have the number higher, but Rep. Davis and I worked really hard to get it to that level. I’d like to thank the Small Business for Film Group for all their support. They really made a big difference.  It’s a great day for New Hanover County and the state of North Carolina.”

They are now currently working on tweaking the language of the NC Film Grant.

More to come!





Take 2 folks!  Here we go for real-zies!


The TNT pilot, Good Behavior, written by Blake Crouch and Chad Hodge and starring Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery  is NOW accepting NC film crew resumes.

THIS IS FOR CREW ONLY. NOT FOR EXTRAS.  No official statement has been made in regards to who will be doing the Extras Casting yet, so hold on there background actors.

Shooting will take place in the Wilmington area. Production begins the first week of October. And can I get a big “Woo Hoo” because Randy Sutter (Under the Dome) gets to stay in Wilmywood as he has been named Line Producer!


STATUS: Pre-Production
WRITERS, PRODUCERS: Chad Hodge, Blake Crouch
LP: Randy Sutter
DIRECTOR: Charlotte Sieling

A thief and a con artist whose life is always one wrong turn, one bad decision from implosion — which is exactly how she likes it. Fresh out of prison, Letty is attempting to stay afloat, but when she overhears a hit man being hired to kill a man’s wife, she sets out to derail the job, putting her on a collision course with the killer and entangling them in a dangerous and seductive relationship.