THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – Surpasses One Million Views: THANK YOU!

Wow, it feels like I started this here adventure just yesterday. Okay, after a split hair reverie of the summer of 2014 and the hell it put us through, leading the charge to save film, I take that back. It feels like a lifetime. But no matter the length of time, it’s all relative.  At least that’s what Dr. Who would say. But I digress…

THANK YOU NC Film Fans! I realized we surpassed one million views a few days ago and I was like WOH! I cannot thank ALL OF YOU enough for your readership.

From the locals here in North Carolina to the NC Film fans from Canada to Russia to England and even Turkey. Thank you for taking the time to read the scoop.

Thank you to the actors, the crew, the producers for keeping me in the loop, for the “rumors from the lot,” to your favorite restaurants around town, it’s because of you that Wilmington, NC is more and more on the minds of folks when thinking of filming destinations. And as you know that leads to more productions coming and an increase in tourism which means more traffic for those small businesses who benefit from film.

It’s been exceptionally wonderful to educate TV and movie fans about just how many productions filmed here. Out-of-towners get so excited when they learn that Weekend at Bernies or The Conjuring, or even Firestarter filmed here. They simply light up!

Wilmington has been many things: Chester’s Mill, Tree Hill, New York City, Sleepy Hollow and everything in between. You can always transform this wonderful city, but you can’t change what it means to all of us who call this place home. I simply LOVE this town! And I love you! Blogging for The Wilmywood Daily is a passion. It’s a passion because of you my NC Film Crew – I am passionate about you!

So raise your glass! Here’s to you! Thank you and may there be 10 million more views to come!

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