CBS wants you to ‘Take Home the Dome’

CBS is giving you a chance to Take Home the Dome. Here’s your chance to own a few props & memorabilia from our Wilmywood show Under the Dome.

On November 30, fans of Under The Dome from around the world will have the opportunity to take home a part of the show when leading Hollywood collectibles auction site ScreenBid hosts an exclusive online auction of more than 500 production-used props, wardrobe items, set decorations, and other memorabilia from the CBS Television Studios produced series.

Under The Dome auction items are available now for preview.

Bidding will begin on November 30 and begin closing December 7.

Highlights from the auction include:

  • Chester’s Mill Map
  • Barbie’s Dog Tag
  • Angie’s Waitress Name Tag
  • Linda’s Engagement Ring
  • Rebecca’s Notebook
  • Pauline’s Sketchbook
  • Angie’s Bloody Bracelet
  • Christine’s Amethyst Ring
  • Dawn’s Bassinet
  • Angie’s City Postcards
  • Pauline’s Postcards to Lyle
  • Aktaion Energy Mug
  • Broken Dome Egg with Base
  • Dome Edge Rubber Asphalt
  • Sweetbriar Rose Diner Blood Rain-Stained Awning
  • Joe’s Dog Graphic T-Shirt Outfit

Fans can preview the auction online NOW at

Source: CBS

NC Filmmaker heats things up in Wilmington.

Wilmington in Fire: Thalian Hall, Main Stage on Saturday at 3:45pm.

The 21st Cucalorus Film Festival is officially in full swing. Today is day two and they will be showcasing a full slate of films all throughout downtown.

Over 250 flicks all week long, and new this year, the Cucalorus Connect Conference.

The hardest decision for anyone this year will be which films to see.  If you follow me via social media, you know which one I would send you to.  The highly anticipated documentary Wilmington On Fire, what director Christopher Everett calls, “Wilmington’s best kept secret.”

The Wilmington Massacre of 1898 was a bloody attack on the African-American community by a heavily armed white mob with the support of the North Carolina Democratic Party on November 10, 1898 here in Wilmington. It’s so hard to imagine that this actually took place. How was any human being okay with this?  It simply blows by mind! This week is the 117 year anniversary of the horrific event.


I asked Chris why it was so important for him personally to tell this story.

I’ve always had a love for researching and learning more about African-American history, especially history that is rarely discussed or talked about. That was one of the main reasons why I decided to do a film on the 1898 Massacre in Wilmington, North Carolina. I really wanted to make a film from the perspective of the African-American victims and also how the Coup plotters were able to pull of this horrific event that changed the course of American history forever. I want this film to really engage and start dialogue on this history along with current race relations not only in Wilmington and throughout North Carolina, but all over America. The discussion of economic reparations must be brought to the mainstream for these atrocities such as the Wilmington Massacre and I hope this film will lead the way towards that.

It is considered one of the only successful examples of a coup d’état in the United States that left countless numbers of African-American citizens dead and exiled from the city. This event was the spring board for the white supremacy movement and Jim Crow segregation throughout the state of North Carolina and the American South. “Wilmington on Fire” gives a compelling historical and present day look at this event showing how the violent overthrow of an existing government not only cemented white supremacy in the city of Wilmington and the state of North Carolina but also throughout the United States of America.

Everett is from Laurinburg and a proud NC Filmmaker. He has been working on this documentary for years and now we FINALLY get to see it.

Wilmington on Fire will screen at Thalian Hall, Main Stage on Saturday at 3:45pm. Get your tickets now before it sells out and get there early!cucalorus-header

The soundtrack for Wilmington on Fire was released yesterday. GO TO SOUNDCLOUD NOW

Wilmington on Fire Social Media Links:
Facebook: Wilmington on Fire
Twitter: @wilmington1898
YouTube: wilmingtononfire

Visit for a complete schedule of events or print out the schedule via PDF

Upcoming Feature Film for North Carolina?

It looks like a feature film that’s in active development wants to head to Yadkin County. The feature film Abundant Acreage Available starring Birdman‘s Amy Ryan as well as Beau Bridges has listed East Bend, NC as a location for the upcoming production. It’s a humorous an unflinching look at the questions of loss, impermanence, and the notion of home. On a 50 acre North Carolina Farm, that aging siblings of two intimately connected families come to terms with the death of their parents.

Producing is Kate Churchill (Spotlight). The screenplay was written by Angus MacLachlan (Junebug).  The film also stars Tracy Letts who was here for Homeland and Steve Coulter who has been here quite a few times before for Arthur Newman, The Conjuring and the latest, Ashby.

There are no start dates as of yet.  I’ll post when I get more details.