Upcoming Feature Film for North Carolina?

It looks like a feature film that’s in active development wants to head to Yadkin County. The feature film Abundant Acreage Available starring Birdman‘s Amy Ryan as well as Beau Bridges has listed East Bend, NC as a location for the upcoming production. It’s a humorous an unflinching look at the questions of loss, impermanence, and the notion of home. On a 50 acre North Carolina Farm, that aging siblings of two intimately connected families come to terms with the death of their parents.

Producing is Kate Churchill (Spotlight). The screenplay was written by Angus MacLachlan (Junebug).  The film also stars Tracy Letts who was here for Homeland and Steve Coulter who has been here quite a few times before for Arthur Newman, The Conjuring and the latest, Ashby.

There are no start dates as of yet.  I’ll post when I get more details.

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