More on Director/Producers for Asheville’s ‘Dirty Dancing’

So, yesterday, I gave you a glimpse of what’s to possibly come to North Carolina. It sure has been slim pickings lately. Not even an hour after I posted the blog, the news came out who would indeed play ‘Baby.’ I can’t believe she’s old enough to play this part, but Abigail Breslin is officially attached. Man, they sure do grow up fast!

It looks like they will make it to the Asheville area after all. Third times a charm! This is going to be a 3-Episode television event and remake of the 1987 romance film and is looking for an April start date. Production Weekly has listed that the Director will be Wayne Blair. The telefilm was written by Jessica Sharzer. Line producer is Judy Cairo. We will see if things change. This is a Lionsgate/ABC collab with Allison Shearmur Productions.

STATUS: Development / Pre-Production
LOCATION: Asheville, NC
PRODUCERS: Alli Shearmur, Eleanor Bergstein, Adam Anders
DIRECTOR: Wayne Blair

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