NC Film Crew Members pay off 22 Layaways for Struggling Families in Wilmington.

The North Carolina Film Industry might be bone dry at the moment, but that didn’t stop NC film crew members whether currently unemployed or working out-of-state from donating to their annual Great Holiday Layaway Payoff.  This wonderful campaign started three years ago when crew members would pass around the hat at EUE/Screen Gems Studios and collect some cash so they could be “Secret Santas” for a few families. This year however, it went from few to twenty-two!!! This is their biggest year yet. Because there were no production offices open to pass around the proverbial hat, crew members created a Go Fund Me, so the film family could donate no matter where they were. In 8 days, they raised $2, 240 and paid off 22 layaways for families in the Wilmington area.

The crew member who spearheads this campaign wishes to remain anonymous, but said these words:

The folks who helped me at Toys R Us said they haven’t been much into the Christmas spirit, but seeing what we have done has both touched them and helped them feel festive. They also want to spread the idea and help spark more good deeds this holiday season, which is all we can ask for. Their favorite part of all of this, they said, is calling the families to let them know they can come pick up their Christmas layaways.

Children do not need to know pain, suffering or struggle. By doing this, I’d like to think we have kept them still children and innocent for at least another holiday season.

Very well said. The North Carolina Film Crew Members take family very seriously, and this behavior is typical of them. Good hearts. Good souls. Excellent community spirit!

UPDATE: One mom who had a Layaway at ToysRUs wanted me to express this to you NC Film Crew: “I don’t know if it was the film people or someone else but my layaway at ToysRUs was paid off today. I just want to be able to thank them from the bottom of my heart! Merry Christmas to all of you. I am shaking I am so grateful.”

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