History Channel to bring ‘Six’ to Wilmywood.

Boy, it’s a great day for more fabulous news for our local economy and our film crew! Ladies and Gents, please welcome The History Channel to Wilmywood! Looks like they will be setting up shop next month for the series, Six. They are slated to begin production in February.

This series is coming from the famous Weinsteins! Yep, Bob and Harvey! And from what I am hearing, the line producer George Perkins has quite the resume! William and David Broyles are the writer/ producers. I am hearing David Brightbill got the UPM position.

Here’s the deets on this series:

Members of the Navy’s most prestigious and lethal squadron know the dangers, responsibilities, and high risks involved with charging into battle. For John ‘Bear’ Graves,  Alex Caulder and Ricky ‘Buddha’ Ortiz, it’s a way of life. Being a member of SEAL team 6 means committing yourself to a life away from family, and the constant knowledge that you may never return home. For some it’s what they live for. For others who feel they put in their time, they might be afraid of not knowing what to do once they’re out.

That’s two crews deep for the 1st quarter of 2016! Can we go for three? I am hearing rumblings about a feature as well. As soon as I get more deets, I will share!

Woop! It’s a damn fine day in Wilmywood!

Image Sourcepsyinsti.deviantart.com

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