TNT’s ‘Good Behavior’ Chooses Wilmington for Season One

25747_002 Good Behavior Specials Wilmington NC

After posting yesterday’s news, I’ve had so many confirmations from so many folks, we’re gonna go ahead and call it! Plus, Production Weekly’s got Wilmywood as a location as well. Good Behavior is coming to Wilmington! We will see the TNT series open offices next month! Get ready to see those lighting and grip trucks lining the streets again the first week of March!! JOBS JOBS JOBS!

A huge thank you to TNT, our North Carolina writer Blake Crouch and to Chad Hodge for bringing the show here. We Wilmywood peeps appreciate your choice which benefits our local economy including our fabulous small businesses and the employment of our fabulously talented crew! Bless you!

To Michelle, Juan and the rest of the cast and producing team, we welcome you with open arms, big hugs and warm smiles. We hope you enjoy your stay!



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