Some tidbits for Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Monday Peeps!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Offices should be opening up today at EUE/Screen Gems Studios for the History Channel series Six. I am hearing that they are already crew up for the most part, so I don’t know if they will be putting out a crew call or not.  However, if I hear anything, you know I will post it. So, welcome to Wilmywood, Weinstein & Company!

SIX is a series that recognizes this country’s great heroes and soldiers, and there’s no doubt that it will make for some of the most important, provocative television seen in ages.  While we had vast interest from other networks, our great relationship with Nancy Dubuc, Paul Buccieri and Barry Jossen made HISTORY the clear choice. ~Harvey Weinstein.

We will be getting 8 episodes to work on and they should be in production by end of February unless something changes. UPM David Brightbill is happy to be working at home again and I am sure the crew will be happy as well.

Here’s the official press release fro A+E networks in case you didn’t see it last week: READ NOW

SYNOPSIS: Members of the Navy’s most prestigious and lethal squadron know the dangers, responsibilities, and high risks involved with charging into battle. For John “Bear” Graves,  Alex Caulder and Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz, it’s a way of life. Being a member of SEAL Team 6 means committing yourself to a life away from family, and the constant knowledge that you may never return home. For some it’s what they live for. For others who feel they put in their time, they might be afraid of not knowing what to do once they’re out.

More on Wilmywood’s ‘Good Behavior’ and ‘Six’
History Channel to bring ‘Six’ to Wilmywood.
Here’s a couple of other links of note that the Star News put out that are worth giving a read:

NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ to briefly shoot in Wilmington

‘The Detour’ producer – I’d rather have filmed in Wilmington than ‘Hotlanta’


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