One Tree Hill is still turning up the heat in Wilmywood.

Things are getting exciting here in Tree Hill…err…Wilmington! Social Media is exploding about our home town mainly because the OTH cast members are returning to Wilmywood for not just one, but two events this year.

As most of the One Tree Hill fan world knows, the cast returns to the Port City, March 11-13 for Eyecon’s 3rd Convention. If anyone really wondered if NC Film brought an influx of cash into the state, here is proof right here. Hard core fans come by the thousands and spend just as much.

Well, if you can’t make it this March or you want to double the fun, there’s another event that has just popped up on the radar. This July, there is another cast reunion called Inside OTH AND the best part, it’s for the people by the people, as in the locals who worked on the show. Yep! A few key members of the production team got together and are giving fans the ultimate experience when it comes to the show that gave us the gift of 9 seasons of work for our crew members! I can’t give all the details, but I can tell you, if you are a true One Tree Hill fan, they will be doing things that no other convention can do. Sweet!

And hot off the social media press, here’s the first special message from the fabulous Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) in regards to Inside OTH:

In the video. Hilarie expresses her “Grandma’like” qualities when it comes to social media, however when something is important to her, she speaks up about it. She gives fans a little hint on what’s to come this summer in Wilmington!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that the cast and crew are getting together for this one! As more comes in, I will let you know!

And for all you Wilmington peeps who never watched the show, they have the entire series on Netflix, which in turn has generated a whole new generation of One Tree Hill lovers!




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