Wilmington’s own EXPECTvr shines at 2016 Sundance

Derek Sellers from Expectvr, Producer VR Content(left) and Stephen Leitch(right). Photo Credit: Cathlena Spencer from Oculus Story Studio Sundance Event, EXPECTvr was special guests of David Eddings, VP Gearbox the largest Independent Game Studio in the USA.

A few Wilmington folks headed out to this year’s Sundance. The NC Film Commission was out there was representin’ as well as a few actors representing their short films.

One Wilmington-based company I am particularly excited about making its way to Sundance is the Virtual Reality Content Company  EXPECTvr.  They were special guests of Oculus Story Studio.  Joseph Gordon Levitt was the surprise guest and he stated that he wants to be the first major actor in VR.

Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the Gaming industry are all betting BIG on Virtual Reality in 2016. (Need an example? Sony Q3 Profits Surge Ahead of PlayStation Virtual Reality Launch)

EXPECTvr is already in place with VR producers and working partnerships with cinema legends like our own Joe Dunton, BSC, MBE.

The group wrapped up the evening at their Sundance Chalet with Eric Johnson, VP TrailBlazer Studios (RTP), Raleigh and Benjamin Durham, Business Development at Thrillbox, the hot new VR and 360 Video firm taking Austin (and soon SXSW) by storm.

EXPECTvr is currently producing projects with VR Director, Jessica Kantor,  and award winning DP Dagmar Weaver-Madsen.


Great things came out of last year’s Cucalorus for EXPECTvr as the company gave away hundreds of custom VR Cardboard Viewers so friends like Wilmington Film Commissioner Johnny Griffin and his family could have their first VR experiences. Christina Capra, shot live VR of Dance-a-lorus, with the latest VR Camera systems, as she is already making bold moves with this new form of media. Her VR content will be able to be viewed soon when she emerges from edit with EXPECTvr.

EXPECTvr’s experience with Samsung Gear VR’s hardware will prove important as a major Sundance announcement is Samsung’ new Studio for VR in the works in NYC.

Way to go Wilmington peeps! You are so ahead of the game!

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