More projects for North Carolina? Here’s the scoop!

Happy Monday my NC Film peeps. A few things of note today and you know how it goes…things change in the biz every 5 seconds. But, here’s what stands at the moment.

LoganLermanThis one, I am not too sure about. PW is putting a feature film in North Carolina. No city is listed. It’s a drama thriller titled Rothchild.  It’s about a young man who hatches a murderous plot to inherit his family’s wealth. The LP is Frank Hildebrand. The film stars the 24 year old little hottie Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Noah) who’s been here before for Stuck In Love.  Someone mentioned to me it’s a possible SAG-indie, but I cannot confirm it. That is all I know about the flick. No confirmations to go on as of yet. It’s PW, so ya know, not the most reliable source.

SanaaLathanA couple of weeks ago we thought FOX was bringing us 24:Legacy, but they opted for LA. However, it looks like we might be getting a FOX show after all. Fox is reportedly bringing us the series for Shots Fired.  Charlotte, NC is listed as the location. This could be a great one as Brian Grazer is the producer behind it. It’s been hard to search for as it has gone by multiple names such as Indictment and the most recent Untitled Gina Prince-Bythewood Project. She is the writer/director on this project. The LP is Howard Griffith who has been here before. Sanaa Lathan is set to star. The story revolves around the blend of racial tension and police brutality. It’s supposed to be up and running in late March. Again, no confirmations as of yet.

And finally heading South of the border, the ABC pilot that Barbara D’Alessandro is line producing, The Death of Eva Sophia Valdez, was first thought to be shooting in Charleston, SC. However, I can now tell you they are filming in Myrtle Beach – much closer to home for those NC peeps working on the show! They start up March 11.

We shall see if any of these shows get confirmation! As soon as I know, I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, here’s some other links of interest from the local media.

Michael Strahan donates to local animal shelters
Local film crew train with gun safety ahead of filming

One production out, one production in? Another pilot for SC.
THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 02/04/2016 -More Cast Revealed for SIX, Premiere Party tonight, and more.
Wilmington’s own EXPECTvr shines at 2016 Sundance

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