Why NC Film supporters in NHC must vote in the Primaries.

The primaries are coming up on March 15th and whether you are affiliated or unaffiliated with any party, I can tell you, it is crucial that we get the right representative in the NC House when it comes to NC Film. NC House District 20 is saying goodbye to Rick Catlin. Who will replace him?

There are two choices. None from the Democratic side. There are two Republicans that are running. Tammy Covil and Holly Grange. Catlin is rooting for Covil and from what I hear is going out with a bang when it comes to film.  I’ve heard from multiple sources that Catlin’s last hurrah is attempting to try to change the House members’ minds about NC Film.

The House was our friend last time around, it was the Senate that gave us most of the trouble. So, the last thing we need is less support from the NC House and it is CRUCIAL for you to vote in the upcoming primary. Why?

Because there are no Democrats running and two Republicans who are. Only one of which can win the primary. Whoever wins the primary will win the seat.

Holly Grange is our only hope who is extremely pro-film.

Covil, is NO FRIEND to NC Film. Let’s also not forget, now more than ever, we need more Republican support for NC Film.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registered as an Independent or Unaffiliated, you can still vote in the primaries!

You will be asked which party you want to vote for. I personally will be choosing the Republicans this time around. There is too much at risk not to.


The One-Stop Absentee period for the 2016 Primary Election begins on Thursday, March 3, 2016 and ends on Saturday, March 12, 2016. To see the One-Stop voting schedule for the 2016 Primary, click here.

So please, if you support NC Film, get to the polls during the One-Stop period or on the day of March 15th! If you are able to vote in NC House District 20, please support Holly Grange.



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