The cast of SIX has arrived in Wilmywood.

Now, we’ve been going on and on about the boys, but let’s not forget the ladies of SIX! Please welcome the beautiful and talented Nadine Velazquez and Brianne Davis to the Port City!

Nadine Velazquez (Ride Along 2) and Brianne Davis (True Blood, Jarhead) have been cast in our eight-episode military action/drama series.

Nadine_VelazquezNadine Velazquez will play Ricky’s wife Jackie. She is a strong military wife who is excited about the possibility that her husband is going to retire from the SEAL Team Six, but he really wants to go on that one last mission. Jackie is used to him leaving at a moment’s notice, but this time, she feels he is neglecting his family.

BrianneDavisBrianne Davis will play Lena Graves, the wife of John ‘Bear’ Graves who is a hard-working teacher. She is happy to be here in Wrightsville Beach and is so ready for her role!

Okay, now back to the boys!  Oh dear Lord help every single woman in Wilmington! And some cheeky married ones too! The boys of SIX are arriving in Wilmington this week…hence the climate change! Let’s check in ans see what they’ve been up to!

Filming on History’s SIX begins next week! Woo Hoo! Go NC Film!

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