THE WILMYWOOD DAILY: Inside the lives of SIX this week!

Mornin’ Wilmywood! Hope all is well! Today, our SIX peeps are headed to the beach, but sorry, they’ll be on private property, so no stalking for you today 🙂

But hey…you can stalk them online all you want. In fact, I thought I would put together some great shots and tweets from the cast from the past week in Wilmington! Smile on!

Me and the lads playing #BeerPong. Awesome time this weekend. #SIXonHistory @history

A post shared by Barry Sloane (@barrypaulsloane) on

Hey hey… Look at us! #Sixonhistory #SIX @thebriannedavis

A post shared by Kyle schmid (@iamkyleschmid) on

This was my day. #sixonhistory #ItsASealThingBaby

A post shared by Edwin Hodge (@chaoticsymphony) on

I've worked in worse places, like much worse places…😜 #Sixonhistory

A post shared by Dominic Adams (@dominic_adams) on



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