HB2: We. Are. Not. This.

First, please let me apologize for taking so long to blog about this. I’ve tried to wrap my head around this whole HB2 thing. People have been flying off the handle about this. Some with facts and some with fiction. Trying to decipher which is which has been a bitch.

There are so many thoughts running through my head. First off, if you don’t know me, I am an unaffiliated female who believes in equality for all.  So, with that being said, I am sure you know how I feel about HB2. So instead of explaining it piece by piece (my brain would explode), let’s look at the effects it has had on our state so far.

Just when things start rolling again, our legislators and governor had go and throw away not only $42,000 for an emergency session but also more job creation here in North Carolina.

As an ambassador to the City of Wilmington,  it is become very difficult to welcome visitors here when folks are asking if it’s safe to be here. Seriously, lemme quote the last conversation I got about visiting North Carolina.

KATE: In light of the recent news story about NC, my wife and I will be visiting. We’re lesbian couple, will we have an issue with discrimination? Just Wondering

ME: No! There will not be any issues. Our legislators in North Carolina do NOT reflect the citizens who live here.

KATE: Thank you! That’s what I thought, but ya know I still has to check for peace of mind.

To those of us who live here, it seems like a ridiculous question because we live here and WE KNOW how welcoming this city is, but thanks to those who “represent us” we look like a bunch of haters and backward individuals.

So how is HB2 working out for us so far?

Let’s see, PayPal, Dow Chemical, the NBA, BioGen, American Airlines, Citi, Lowe’s, Wells Fargo, Apple, the NCAA, Google (just to name a few) are VERY disappointed in our leadership’s decision.

This week, large corporations like Bank of America, Cisco, Miramax and Uber signed onto a letter protesting the new law and demanding its repeal. Small businesses are also taking HB2 to task. [SOURCE]

Just today more than 15 large companies ie Reddit, eBay, Starbucks…joined the fight against North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law. [SOURCE]

HB2 is also creating uncertainty with companies as well.

Leaders from across the country have banned non-essential travel to North Carolina. San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, West Palm Beach, and New York, with more pending.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed an executive order banning all non-essential state travel to North Carolina. The order requires all New York State agencies, departments, boards and commissions to immediately review all requests for state funded or state sponsored travel to the state of North Carolina, and bar any such publicly funded travel that is not essential to the enforcement of state law or public health and safety. [SOURCE]

As far as film is concerned in our state, we have a little backlash, but what we don’t know is how is will affect our future.

The Hulu/Lionsgate production Crushed had one casting call the day before the emergency session took place. Rumor has it, based on a couple of crew members who were hired for the production…HB2 was the reason they packed their bags. I cannot confirm that however.

My sources in Western NC have told me that Dirty Dancing ONLY stayed because they were already too vested with locations and talent timelines and had made a commitment to film there. Otherwise they would have hit the road as well. Again, however, I cannot confirm it.

As you probably have seen Producer/Director Rob Reiner stated immediately after HB2 passed, he will never bring a production to North Carolina as long as this bill is in place. He encouraged his peers in the film industry to do the same. [SOURCE]

Meanwhile not all in the General Assembly are backing the bill. Senator Jeff Jackson has taken to social media.

And our favorite red head Rep. Susi Hamilton is just as upset about the outcome of HB2.

And this…good Lord:  “The people of North Carolina want to talk about roads and economic development and jobs and that’s where I’m going to focus my attention, not on ridiculous restroom and locker room policies that some people are trying to force onto the private sector,” McCrory said. [SOURCE]

I can’t help but think of a school yard taunt: “Quit talking about yourself!” Hate to tell you this, McCrory, but the people of North Carolina are just getting started.  The Gov’na certainly made his bed, but he doesn’t want to lie in it any longer…

And it is also apparent, McCrory has no idea what’s in the bill they passed in a 12 hour period.

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is running against McCrory, is asking all those who are ashamed of HB2 to sign a petition on ShameonMcCrory.com

Every hour, there are more companies, cities and states standing up against HB2.

In conclusion, I cannot stress to those who don’t live here that we in North Carolina want you to know our legislators DO NOT reflect who we are as citizens of North Carolina. We are welcoming. We are warm.  We. Are. Not. This.

Thanks for giving us all the headlines leaders of North Carolina…


  1. You ARE this. You ABSOLUTELY ARE this. Citizens of North Carolina, as a whole, elected this General Assembly. This is not a bolt of lightning from the sky, this General Assembly has been passing laws like this and acting in this manner since it seized control of the General Assembly in 2010.

    Yet, the people of North Carolina re-elect most of the leadership there over and over, and will again this year.

    You can put “quotation” marks around the word “represent,” and claim this is not who you are all you want, but a majority of North Carolina residents clearly share the same so-called values as this legislature, because the legislators keep getting re-elected.

    This IS who you are. Don’t pretend otherwise.

    • I didn’t vote for any of them and I honestly don’t have any friends that did either. So no, they do not represent me or the countless others that live in this state who did not vote for them. Perhaps if they didn’t gerrymander the districting to favor Republicans it wouldn’t have happened at all. So yes, WE.ARE.NOT.THIS. Nice job Sheila!

      • You can say you’re not this all you want, but the majority of North Carolina citizens DID, in fact, vote for the present Republican leadership.

        You can complain about gerrymandered districts all you want (and rightfully so, no doubt), but everyone gerrymanders districts. The Democratic party did for more than a century. THIS Republican Legislature came to power in the previously Democratically gerrymandered state districts. Even when Democrats had the power and majority and could redraw districts in a manner that best suits them, the GOP won an overwhelmingly one-sided election in 2010 to seize power in the state. The majority of voters in the state are registered Republicans (which was not the case just ten years ago — that info is easily available from the state elections office).

        As for Gov. McCrory, he’s not your enemy. He’s an air-headed figurehead. His own party ignores him, tells him what to do. Your true enemies in this fight are twofold:

        1) Phil Berger, who runs the Senate, along with Paul Stam and Tim Moore, who run the House.

        2) People who sit around and complain about the present leadership, blogging and making statements like “they don’t represent us” and then feeling like they’ve done something. I’m not trying to be argumentative or petty, but 30, 40 years ago (or more) when people were fed up with out-of-control politicians, they rallied with walks and assemblies, they worked tirelessly to reach people and get them to vote, they ran for office or found and encouraged and supported those who could run and make a difference..

        Today, they write blogs, post on Facebook, say “well, I didn’t vote for them so they don’t represent me) and then pat themselves on the back for being such progressive activists and then go shopping while their online posts become just background noise among thousands upon thousands of other online postings that don’t actually spur any action.

        Don’t like this General Assembly? Organize regular bus trips to Raleigh, visit legislators demanding districts be drawn by an impartial committee so they are not gerrymandered, file suit against the state for many of its clearly illegal laws or join and support other suits already in progress; protest outside of the state capitol on a regular basis; flood legislators with calls and emails demanding the actions you desire…the list of what you CAN do to enact change is long.

        But this legislature IS who North Carolina residents elected and until it’s changed, this IS what North Carolina Is.

  2. Um, no. I didn’t vote for any of them and I don’t know a single person who did. So they do not represent me in any way. Perhaps if they didn’t gerrymander the districts to favor Republicans this jerk wouldn’t have been elected in the first place. He and Tillis are an absolute disgrace to this state. So yes, WE.ARE.NOT.THIS.

    Nicely written Sheila.

    • Gerrymandered districts actually have nothing to do with the governor’s race — it’s a simply statewide majority.

      And you realize Tillis (who is no longer even in the state legislator), and other present GOP General Assembly leaders were voted in office under the Democratic party’s gerrymandered districts, don’t you? Gerrymandering had nothing to do with the GOP seizing power – prior to that, the Democratic Party gerrymandered the districts for a century, and still lost control in 2010.

      Yes, the GOP has since gerrymandered in their favor, and that’s helped them keep a majority in the General Assembly, but that’s a lazy excuse. The issues that led to the General Assembly falling under GOP control run far, far deeper. The majority of North Carolina residents support what they are doing, because they have no alternative, no real leadership showing them a better way and showing why it’s a better way.

  3. I Am Not People Gay Or Nor Other. O Am Prejudice Nor A Racist. But My Interpretation Of This Issue Will Sexual Lawsuits Of All Nature’s. I Feel That If Were Born A Male ( Unless You Have Had A Sex Change Surgery You Need To Use The Correct Bathroom According To Gender ). That Is Understand Of The Bill.
    I Would Rather Stay The Way God Made Me. Reason Is God Does Not Make Mistakes And I Don’t Think Anybody Nor Anything Else Is Going To Change His Mind. Of Course When The Great Judgement Day Comes Around And It Will ( Because It Written In The Bible ) . But That’s Just Me. If Cannot Respect The Governor Then Close Up Shop And Move On Down The Line. Also A Note If SD Could Just Learn What The Definition Respect Is Then Perhaps We Need To Pull Old Man Webster Off The Self And Read The Definition Of The Word. But If I Am In The Bathroom. ( Public Restroom ) And One Walks In While I Am Using The Bathroom And It Of Whatever It Calls Itself And Makes A Sexual Advanced Towards Me ,I Am Going To Say If Are A Male By North And You Wànt To Change And Be A Female I Will and Glad To Help In Performance Of Surgery Right Then And There ). No Questions Asked. If Go On And Mind Your Own Business I Promise There Will No, No Problems.

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