THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – April 27, 2016: SIX, Good Behavior, Vice Principals and more.

Happy Hump day peeps! A few things to note today.

Now that Walton Goggins has filled the role of Rip Taggart, SIX is gearing back up! Woo Hoo! So glad they are back in action! You can spot them at the Budgetel Inn on Market St. tomorrow.


Oh,  and did you hear about our fabulous SIX producer/director? The American Film Institute chose Lesli Linka Glatter as the recipient of its 2016 Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal. Wow! You go super, awesome lady! Brianne, I totally stole this image from you, girl!  READ ARTICLE NOW

Good Behavior will be shooting on S. College Rd today near Hugh MacRae Park.

Vice Principals, created by UNCSA alums Danny McBride and Jody Hill, will air it’s first season on HBO, July 17.

Journal Now, has a lot of little tidbits about projects with ties to UNCSA. READ NOW

Third times a charm for FOX’s ‘Shot Fired’ Extras Casting

It’s been musical casting for FOX’s Shots Fired, starring Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss, and Stephen Moyer, is filming in Charlotte, NC. It started with Extras Casting Director Tona Dalquist. She decided to pass on the project a few weeks in. Then NCasting took over for another two weeks. And now it looks like Vanessa is stepping down as well. She will be helping the new Extras Casting Directors make a smooth transition and  Vanessa’s casting assistant Keema Mingo will remain on the show.

Marinella Hume Casting will be taking over from here. They are out of Atlanta, so If you worked on Sleepy Hollow after they moved to Georgia, you probably know who they are. Go to web site now:

Check on NCasting’s Facebook page for an upcoming open call for background actors in the Charlotte area soon.


Starring Cape Fear, SIX, Good Behavior

Happy Thursday Peeps!

Now that Walton has been cast as Rip Taggart, SIX can get back to work! Their first time back  on location will be at the Budgetel Inn on Market St next week.

Things are going swimmingly for TNT’s Good Behavior. They are going to be at Cubbie’s/House of Pizza today on S. College Rd. tomorrow.


As for tonight, The Cape Fear Museum is having their big preview party for Starring Cape Fear! 

Visitors can explore the history of the local film and television production industry from the 1980s to the present day. View artifacts from several productions including Firestarter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and Tammy. See a cape and the ear from Blue Velvet, an Iron Man 3 mask, and the jet ski beloved by Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) in Eastbound & Down.

Test your knowledge of past television programs and major motion pictures. Try your hand at the foley arts by adding sound to movie clips. Learn about Dino DeLaurentiis’ efforts to create the largest sound stage lot east of California and find out how North Carolina’s film incentives program changed the industry in the Cape Fear region. Starring Cape Fear! was developed in partnership with the North Carolina Museum of History.

Exhibit Preview Party

TONIGHT! Thursday, April 21, 2016
6-9 PM
Free for members; $30 non-members

Be the first to explore the history of the local film and television production industry from the 1980s to the present day. Enjoy light appetizers, drinks and live music by the Cape Fear Jazz Society. Hosted by Cape Fear Museum Associates. This is an adults-only event.

BREAKING: Walton Goggins will replace Joe Manganiello

This just in. Variety has reported that Walton Goggins will replace Joe as Rip Taggart in our History Channel show SIX. (SOURCE)

The response from the Wilmington film family is all positive. Quite a few worked on Vice Principals and I am hearing that he was hilarious, a pleasure to be around, and I heard a whole bunch of “Oh man I love that guy!”

Welcome to the team Walton! More importantly welcome to Wilmywood!

Reporters sniffing around regarding SIX’s Joe Manganiello’ health.

So it’s come to my attention that quite a few extras are being contacted by a gentleman who claims to be Steve Wilks.

According to IMDb he has been a production assistant on Entertainment Tonight until 2013. Other than that I’ve never heard of the guy.  He is trying to get information about Joe Manganiello. About his health.

Some background extras said he is using IMDb to find out which extras were on set while they were filming episodes one and two.

We all love Joe very much as he was here on One Tree Hill and I know most of you will do the right thing and tell them you signed a nondisclosure and you know nothing.

Also remember just because you hear something on set doesn’t mean it’s true.

Those of you who are new and those of you who are thinking about talking, please give Joe his privacy. If he wanted any information revealed about himself and his health he would come out and say it himself.

I’ve also heard there’s been another reporter from L.A. trying to reach out as well.

Just remember these two words: no comment.

Six will recast Rip Taggart played by Joe Manganiello 


Variety is reporting that our One Tree Hill Alum Joe Manganiello will be recast due to a health issues. He was cast as Six Team member Rip Taggart.

It’s a pre-existing condition and is manageable, however with the vigorous amounts of physical activity required on our History Channel show, Six, he will not be able to continue. We wish him the best and we were glad to have him back in Wilmington for the short time he was here.

Production should resume in May if they find a new actor is to replace Manganiello.

SOURCE : Variety

FOX’s ‘Shots Fired’ gets new Extras Casting Director.

Tona Dahlquist of Tona B Dahlquist Casting who is the Extras Casting Director for Dirty Dancing as well as FOX’s Shots Fired (starring Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss and True Blood vet Stephen Moyer) posted yesterday that she was stepping down as ECD for the Fox show.

After serious thought and consideration, we have decided it is best for us, as well as production, for us not to continue on Shots Fired after Episode 1. We are letting everyone know Thursday will be our last day handling the extras. Don’t worry of feel bad, it was our choice. If we have you booked for Tuesday or Thursday, you remain booked and will receive your information from us as usual. Please know how very thankful we are to all of you for helping us out on this episode. You guys were FANTASTIC! We love you all and as always -stay tuned to the casting pages for our other casting needs. The series will continue filming until July in the Charlotte area. We wish it and all of the crew nothing but the best. The show will be a good show everyone. Please know my decision was personal and not based on any law passed or story line. Please continue to support the show if interested in filming. As I said, I wish nothing but the best for the show and all of the crew.

Well you know how many folks react to things, so it was a very smart on Tona’s part to add that her decision was personal and NOT based on any law passed or story line. She wants everyone to continue to support the show. – LOVE YOU Tona!

Well, 16 hours later, a new Extras Casting Director has been named – it’s yet another respected ECD we all know and love. Please congratulate Vanessa Neimeyer of NC Casting. She will be taking on the role effective immediately, so please refer to her Facebook page for all background acting opportunities in the Charlotte area.

I can tell you right now Vanessa will be looking for A LOT of teenagers for Thursday. So, if you are in the Charlotte, NC area, be on the lookout!