Reporters sniffing around regarding SIX’s Joe Manganiello’ health.

So it’s come to my attention that quite a few extras are being contacted by a gentleman who claims to be Steve Wilks.

According to IMDb he has been a production assistant on Entertainment Tonight until 2013. Other than that I’ve never heard of the guy.  He is trying to get information about Joe Manganiello. About his health.

Some background extras said he is using IMDb to find out which extras were on set while they were filming episodes one and two.

We all love Joe very much as he was here on One Tree Hill and I know most of you will do the right thing and tell them you signed a nondisclosure and you know nothing.

Also remember just because you hear something on set doesn’t mean it’s true.

Those of you who are new and those of you who are thinking about talking, please give Joe his privacy. If he wanted any information revealed about himself and his health he would come out and say it himself.

I’ve also heard there’s been another reporter from L.A. trying to reach out as well.

Just remember these two words: no comment.

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