The Scoop on Wilmywood’s Team for NBC’s ‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’

Solomon Harvey, resident of Wilmington, NC is back to competing with another NBC television show. This time it’s Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge! His team, the team you’ll be rooting for, is named the #BounceSquad. The name comes from some of the teammates’ place of work, Defy Gravity.

Here’s the lineup! Team 25: Bounce Squad – Aimee Flint – Amber Johnson – Luke Reynolds – Solomon Harvey – Tee Jackson

13382168_143267212755762_316824666_nThe new NBC show is inspired by the existing Spartan Race – the creators of the world’s leading obstacle course races – and highlights the competitive and athletic world of the wildly popular obstacle course racing phenomenon sweeping the world. In each episode six teams of five players will compete in an intense physical challenge through massive obstacles. A winning team will emerge – they will later compete at the National Finals, one of the most grueling Spartan courses yet. There is a grand prize of $250,000.

10412013_947001152050843_4211111945363266948_nFollowing American Ninja Warrior, it’s another family friendly, high octane and inspirational competition series. Solomon Harvey was recently interviewed, and here’s what he’s got to say 🙂

1. What attracted you to want to be on this show?

As a fan and competitor on American Ninja Warrior, I was attracted to this show because it’s done by the same producers. Also, I thought it was a great opportunity to bring a team of my very athletic and talented friends together. I love the team aspect of Spartan.

2. How did you form your team?

I went and talked to a few of my athletic friends. Aimee Flint who runs Spartan races and Luke Reynolds who is on my parkour/free running team, Sole Freerunning. I asked them if they would be interested in being two of my teammates. Then, Aimee contacted Amber who became our elite racer and then we recruited Tee Jackson, my co-manager at Defy who just got done running a triathlon.

3. What was the most challenging obstacle on the course as an individual?

The barbed wire crawl. It was 110 feet long. There was only an 18-24 inch clearance from the ground to the razor sharp wire. The terrain was made up of valleys and peaks. The valleys were submerged in mud and water.

4. What was the most challenging obstacle on the course as a team?

The slip wall. It was a huge, muddy nightmare.

5. Grand prize, what is one thing you’d do with it?

One of my teammates, Tee wants to start a foundation for breast cancer research and also a wellness foundation for those going through cancer and cancer treatment. I would definitely do whatever I could to help support her in starting that foundation.

6. Is your race dedicated to anyone or any cause?

As a team, we dedicated our race to breast cancer awareness. Individually, we all had our reasons for running. My teammate, Tee dedicated it to her mom. Me, it was definitely dedicated to my mom who I lost to breast cancer. In fact, we all wore pink bandanas during our race to bring awareness to the cause.

Monday, June 13, 2016
Ironclad Brewery, Downtown Wilmington

They intend to have viewing parties for each episode. They have two set up already for the first two episodes Monday, June 13th and Monday, June 20th.

They will be held at Ironclad Brewery, downtown at 10PM. It has an awesome structure/space and they have a delicious selection of home brewed beers.

For the viewing on the 20th, they’ll have a half and half raffle table set up were the proceeds will go to the NHRMC Foundation for their cancer services.

Not only can you catch Solomon on Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, you will get a glimpse of him on our History channel show SIX. He’s been working a lot of hours on the show.


The Season premier for Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge is Monday, June 13th at 10pm on NBC.

Connect with Solomon now:
Facebook at /iamsolomonharvey
Instagram @iamsolomonharvey
Twitter @imsolomonharvey

Go Team #BounceSquad!!!

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