What are they up to now? One Tree Hill: Lee Norris

The countdown continues!  11  days until Inside OTH: A cast and crew reunion and convention put on by some members of the producing team of our beloved show, One Tree Hill.

Lee Norris, as you know, played the adorable Marvin “Mouth” McFadden on One Tree Hill.  He was always the guy who wanted to do the right thing at all times, but there were some circumstances as the seasons went on that clouded his judgement.  That being said, his heart was always in the right place.  He was a friend that you could count on.  How many times did you hear Brooke or Nathan or Haley say, “You’re a good friend Mouth.” And true to his character, he pretty much is that guy in real life.  We are definitely proud to take ownership of this North Carolina native!


So what is he doing now?

“Since OTH ended I’ve been pursuing more acting roles,” says Lee. “I’m also exploring some new behind-the-scenes opportunities. I had a blast shooting a cameo in Gone Girl and most recently have been recurring in Girl Meets World as Stuart Minkus (aka Farkle’s dad).

Yep! Lee Norris was already famous to the tween world before One Tree Hill aired as he played the quirky and annoying Know-it-all, Stuart Minkus on Boy Meets World. But we loved him any way.  And who knew his character would make a comeback years later!


As far as being away from Wilmington, he does miss it!

“I miss everything about Wilmington — the amazing people first and foremost, but also the food! I have constant food cravings for Brasserie, Caprice, Tower 7, PT’s, and too many others to name. In fact, some of my very good friends from Wilmington recently surprised me by shipping some Tower 7 salsa all the way to LA, packaged in dry ice. It was awesome!!”

Wow! That’s true friendship right there!


Come meet Lee Norris and the rest of the One Tree Hill gang at Inside OTH!

Inside OTH
July 22 & 23, 2016
CFCC’s Wilson Center
701 North 3rd Street,
Wilmington, NC 28401
Box Office: 910-362-7999

Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

Don’t forget, those who live in New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick and Onslow Counties get a 20% discount on event passes for the convention July 23rd & 24th. Please call the box office or stop by to get the discount!


What are they up to now? One Tree Hill: Barbara Alyn Woods


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