NC General Assembly pass repeal of HB2.


The NC House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal House Bill 2 otherwise known as the “bathroom bill.” It was a 70-48 vote.

The NC Senate passed the bill earlier in the day. Now it will go to Gov. Roy Cooper for his signature.

It’s certainly isn’t perfect as Cooper stated, but it would begin to repair the state’s reputation.

WECT reported that the deal reached between Cooper and Moore would repeal HB2, re-set bathroom access to pre-HB2 standards and also include a moratorium preventing local governments from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances through at least December 1, 2020, the NC General Assembly says.

As far as film is concerned, I have been told there are many productions that still want to be here, however, they would not come to North Carolina until HB2 was repealed. We shall see how Hollywood reacts to the repeal with the moratorium in place.

NC Republican lawmakers & Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper resolve a standoff on HB2.

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