SIX Season 2 Location Revealed

In a letter to the cast and crew yesterday, the producing team expressed their gratitude and touted the Wilmington Film community and its beautiful locations with all the area had to offer. At the end of season one, the SIX team still had high hopes of returning to the Port City, however, as the world changes so does the storyline. And with that, the location.

“It was our intent to return but the world has changed and with that change came a new direction for our story line.”

Season Two will head North crossing the border to Vancouver.

The members of the producing team went on to say how highly they speak of Wilmington and how exceptional the crew is. They truly want their paths to cross here in Wilmywood again.

“We will miss you and will always be comparing our future seasons to the success we had with you.”

I know a lot of the crew really enjoyed working on this show, but there is now an opening to be filled. I’ll keep you posted on what will be filling it.



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