Queen Latifah cast for the Queen City: 2 productions on the way for Charlotte, NC.

Alright! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about when is Charlotte gonna gear up and get back to work! Well, it looks like we have one, possible two productions that will be filming in the Queen City.

First up, Fixed Point Films and Shining Star Productions are teaming up with Walden Media and Alcon Entertainment to bring us Hope’s Wish – based on Stuart Stout and Shelby Stout’s book Hope’s Wish: How One Girl’s Dream Made Others Come True. The feature stars Queen Latifah.

The true North Carolina story centers on 12 year-old Hope Stout. When diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, the young girl sets out on a  mission to fund the wishes of 155 other children with the help of dedicated Make-A-Wish Foundation executive Toni Dubois (Latifah) and the Charlotte community.  (DEADLINE)

Production is set to begin April 9th in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

Crew resumes are still being accepted.

STATUS: Production begins April 9
LOCATION: Charlotte, NC
PRODUCERS: Val Hill, Steven Wegner, Jonah Hirsch, Stuart Stout, Larry McMurtry, Frank Fornari, Michael Lee, Yale Badik
WRITER: Diana Ossana – Charlie Stratton
DIRECTOR: Laurie Collyer
LP: Billy Badalato
CAST: Queen Latifah
CREW RESUMES: HopesWishCrew@gmail.com

ABOUT HOPE’S WISH: Diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, valiant 12 year old Hope Stout is approached by the Make-A-Wish foundation. The money for Hope is already in place, but due to a shortfall of funds, there are 155 children in her native Charlotte, North Carolina, who need their own wishes fulfilled. Hope’s sole wish is that all of those other children’s wishes should be granted — a seemingly impossible task that will cost in excess of a million dollars.


Now as for the 2nd production, I don’t know much about it. It seems to have more of an indie feel to it. Here’s what I do know, according to PW.

The feature film, Just Grace, will be shooting in New York as well as Charlotte, NC. Production begins July 9th. Whether they start in NY or NC, I don’t know.

The story revolves around Grace Templeton, an esteemed music professor who’s life gets disrupted by tragedy. She finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth.

STATUS: Production begins July 9
LOCATION: Charlotte, NC / New York
PRODUCER: Thomas Goggans
WRITER/PRODUCER: Karen Abercrombie

Both productions have a lot of heart in the story lines, so I am looking forward to seeing the end result!

Things are picking up, let’s hope they continue!

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